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I posted this under breastfeeding too, but I am curious if anyone who has been still breastfeeding when getting pregnant has experienced this. At 16 months, my son only breastfeeds at night, so I haven't felt a strong letdown, even during a feeding in about 6 months. I am 5 days late (and have a pretty regular cycle), but my HPT was neg, which isn't surprising to me because I am someone who doesn't show up quickly on a urine test. It was over a week with my first. I am experiencing some of the same symptoms I had last time I was pregnant, frequent urination, excessive thrist, mild cramping and a major lack of my normal PMS symptoms. I am pretty sure I had sex when I ovulated based on a change in discharge, but we used protection, which I'm now thinking may have failed. I wouldn't be upset if I found out I was pregnant at all, but I hate the long waiting game I have to go through because I can't rely on a HPT to give me a quick answer. I know most people report pregnancy drying up milk, but the last several days I seem to be getting more swollen breasts and stronger letdown. Could this be due to pregnancy or is it just coincidence. I'm grasping at straws because waiting is making me nuts!