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Anyone use it? Thoughts?
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A friend and I taught our kids together from the MFW Kindergarten package. We both liked it well enough, and the kids really enjoyed it. The price was nice too. The kids really liked the phonetic alphabet song, and writing letters. There is a lot of coloring, cutting, and pasting. Getting it organized and understanding the flow right out of the box was a bit tricky at first for me, but it ended up being pretty straight forward. The religous material was pretty basic and easy for the kids to understand.

I am currently using MFW 1st grade, but will probably not return to it for second grade. I'm at a point where I feel comfortable enough creating my own curriculum and would rather do it that way. MFW 1st might leave you wanting to supplement here and there if your child wants more of a challenge, though. Overall it is a good curriculum for someone who wants to have it all planned out for them and doesn't mind buying a few extras (geometric shapes and Pattern Animals book, a math workbook) and hitting the library each week.
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i haven't officially used it but i do have most of their pre k and rather liked it. the upper grades seem... complicated though.
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I used the Kindergarten package from MFW and it was just okay. The science topics and activities were a lot of fun and perfect for that age group, but I didn't care for the phonics and math portions of it....the phonics was too repetitive and moved too slowly, IMO. The math was just downright awful...my then 5-year old found it way too babyish, too easy, and boring.
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