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200 lbs. of potatoes

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That's what DH & the girls dug up last night! Filled 2 gunny sacks full! Wow, I was not expecting that many, but it'll work fo us. I have a lot of canning to do now!
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Wow, awesome!

You can potatoes? I didn't know folks did that. Do you have root cellar options? Of course that really only works during a fall harvest, I guess.
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WOW!!!! We only have 2 bushes and failed to plant the rest of the eyes.

How do you can potatoes?
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We don't have a root cellar, or anything like that, so I can them. I've done it before, and it makes making mashed potatoes and such a lot faster & easier. Here's a link on how to can them; http://pickyourown.org/canning_potatoes.htm .

We might make & freeze hashbrowns & stuff as well.
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I'm starting to worry that we might end up with that many potatoes too. It would be nice but I didn't think ahead to how/where to store them!
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LOL, we only had about 20 plants, and I was not expecting this many! Guess it was a great year for potatoes!

I knew I'd end up canning them, as everyone likes them that way. I just may need more jars now .
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Just for anyone who might be interested, you can build mini root cellars from garbage cans sunk into the ground. Don't remember whether I heard about this in Mother Earth News or if it was from Carla Emery, but here's a link that describes it:


I've not done one of those yet, but I think there is a garbage can root cellar in my future.
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Wow, that is a haul!

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That's awesome!! I haven't done potatoes in a few years, I should do that next year.
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Awesome! Bugs got into mine again.
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Fabulous! Potatoes are one of the most satisfying crops. i only planted them one year, but my children had a ball with the sheer bounty of them too!
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Thankas everyone! We'll be canning them up next weekend, when the whole family is here to help with it.
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