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Anyone else surprised by this baby?

So, our first pregnancy was ultra planned. This one, not so much. We're about a year ahead of the schedule, and it seems that Hubby "shot one past the goalie." So, yeah, properly used condom didn't prevent this baby. I like tenacity.

I think we're doing well, considering, and we are excited, but maaaaan is this going to be a quick change in thinking. We need to see if we can reschedule a pre-paid non-refundable vacation we'd booked for early May 2011. We will have a bit less money than we would have, because there's waaay less time to save. We don't have a midwife yet. My SIL has been unsuccessfully trying (including IUI and IVF) for her second child for years, and only has a few frozen embryos left. My husband just built a kegerator.

Woah. It's good, but you know, crazy too.

We watched Babies last night, on demand. That helped.
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Surprise here too -- we were undecided about 3 or 4, 4 it is! We are really happy, but it was a bit of a shock.

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Big surprise here too. A souvenir from our 10th anniversary trip! I'm excited but still wrapping my mind around another one!
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Congratulations, Nadia and Stayseeliz!

Yeah I'm still working on wrapping my mind around things. Doesn't help that it's a super busy week at work and I need to be able to concentrate there!

But I've got consultations scheduled with two midwives for next week, and I even managed to do some laundry while I work from home today.
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Yes very.
Kinda feel bad because we were just bragging to everyone how our two are so good together and Im afraid if I had another one it would throw off there whole lil attached realationship they have. but I am excited. Dh is still letting it sink in. lol

I mean we was not preventing it from happening by no means and we knew there was a chance.

I am actually going crazy wanting to buy itty bitty baby fluff right now and I know I should wait till we find out the sex aleast.
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We were. But I have been ready for another for a long time so I am thrilled! I was worried how DH would feel because he wasn't going to be ready for a while, but he's really excited too. I can't wait to see DD as a big sister!
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yup this is a surprise. We've been on the fence about whether or not to have a third, and have been leaning towards sticking with two. not anymore! We're both thrilled though.
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This one is a few months earlier than I was hoping. I was hoping for a LATE 2011 baby... I have 10 pounds from DD I never lost and a few from DS added to weight gain while dealing with infertility before DS. Added all together I'm almost 40 pounds heavier than when I got married... I started low carb (and lost 10 pounds) this past cycle which changed my O date from 30 to 18. Hence the SURPRISE. I had a lot of fertile mucus but since I rarely O this early... I keep going between excited and very very scared. I can barely handle the two spirited children I have now. This summer with its lack of structured activity nearly did me in. Can't imagine adding a baby to the mix...
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This was a BIG surprise for us... we were trying very hard NOT to get pregnant actually. I was using the Nuva ring.... but apparently we are in the 1-2% per year that it fails for.

We were very unhappy at first - I live on my own with my 2 kids. I live in Canada, my DP lives in the US and he's in school. We've been together for 2 1/2 yrs (long distance). While we have a great relationship, we hadn't quite figured out what we were doing in the future.

So the first few days after finding out were quite crazy. Then we had a good talk, decided that if this is what god wanted for us, it was meant to be. Since then we've been very positive and this baby is very loved already. We'd both be very sad if it didn't work out. At least my DP will be finished school next May and he'll move up here with me. The timing could have been worse.

He's back at school as of today so I'll going through this whole pregnancy on my own. He's going to try and come up for my 20 wk ultrasound and attend at least one MW appt. He probably won't be at the birth because I'll likely go early as I did with my second and he starts spring break 2 days before my due date. I have no family here, they all live in New Zealand but I have great friends who will be my labour supports if I need them.

So yeah... big big big surprise for me!
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Yep. Big time surprise. But we weren't as careful as we could have been, so....
On the other hand, I had been secretly hoping to get pregnant for a while, and just before this happened I had sort of decided that waiting a while would be much better for us. And then....!!

So we are still trying to wrap our heads around it. This new lo is due just a few weeks after DS's 2nd birthday. DS is very clingy to me and still BF and doesn't STTN, so I get very little sleep as it is. Plus, DH has chronic pain and cyclic depression, so there are times when he is completely unable to help. During those periods I can't imagine how I will possible be able to handle it all when I have two babies to care for (plus a sick DH). BUT I always wanted more than one and DH is an only child and only wanted one. He flat out told me that if we were going to have two, it would have to be a surprise (no planning allowed). So, I'm getting to have it my way, and ultimately we are both happy about it. I know we'll manage, even if it's super hard at times.
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