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Ayla Marie has arrived!

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My sweet, impatient little girl was born Saturday morning at 6:46am. She was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 in. long. I was scheduled for an induction on the 19th but evidently that day didn't work for her. I went to bed that night with a dull low back ache which I chalked up to doing too much housework and I woke up a bit later to a really strong contraction. They kept coming, getting closer and more painful so I woke my partner and off we went to the hospital. We arrived at 3am and Ayla was born less than 4 hours later. She is a great sleeper and nursing is going smoothly.
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Congratulations! That's awesome that you avoided your induction.
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Congratulations mama!! Welcome baby Ayla!!
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Yay! My hairdresser is named Ayla. She says she has purposefully never read the books.
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Yay for babies arriving on their own schedule

Welcome Ayla and congrats mama!
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Congratulations, that's awesome!

DH and I LOVE the name Ayla (we loved the books too!) and plan to name our little one this as well if baby turns out to be a girl!
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Congratulations on your baby girl!
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Congrats mama, glad you were able to skip the induction. Welcome Ayla!
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It seems so weird that she might not have been born until today if we'd made it to the scheduled induction. The last 6 days have been the most wonderful days of my entire life.

Oh and I bet you were hoping to find pics.

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Congrats Lydia!! SO happy for you!!
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congrats lydia! ive been ddc stalking you

eta: she is beautiful!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! She is as beautifull as her name!
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DDC crashing but I shared a due date with you before, does that count (And I might end up with an August '10 baby too )

She is absolutely perfect. Congratulations. Enjoy your babymoon
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A great big congrats!! I love the name
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In case you were curious, here's the story of her birth. http://suriyaskye.blogspot.com/2010/...y-of-ayla.html
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Congratulations on her non-induced birth!!!
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