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Should I buy my dd some wooden play blocks/bricks?

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She is eight months old... is she still too young? How often do your little ones play with their bricks do they have good play value? Are they worth having? Would you recommend soft wood or hard wood ones? I also am not sure how many to get... they come in packs of 30. I thought perhaps a set of the coloured and a set of the natural would be a good starting place. Sorry for all the questions, it's just that I want to keep things really simple regarding toys and go for the "less is more" approach so I really don't want to get what I do decide to purchase wrong IYKWIM!
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Blocks have AWESOME play value. I'll be honest, mine didn't play with blocks at 8 months except maybe to pick one up and bang it. But some kids do play with them at that age. If yours doesn't, I wouldn't sweat it, because they have a very long life span. My DD is 5 next week and still loves her blocks. She plays with them differently each year. At age 3, she would just stack them and watch them fall over. At age 4 she liked to build "stairs" with them and play with figurines on them. Now that she's on the cusp of 5, she's started building some very creative things, like "robots" and "houses" and so on.

As for colors, I don't think it's a really critical thing but I have read - and believe - that colors can hamper creativity. We look at colors and think they are great for kids, but more neutral things can help them imagine a thing better. If you think about it, a tower of colorful blocks looks like a tower of colorful blocks, and that's pretty much it. But a tower of neutral wood blocks could be the London Tower or a beanstalk or a giant's chair or a tree or ....
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Laohaire, thanks so much for your response, I totally take on board your thoughts about coloured ones. Do you mind me asking how many blocks you have?
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we have 75 blocks in different shapes (bought a package through a toy store that came with a container with a sorting lid), and DS got it for his first birthday. He played with them a bit now and again, but it wasn't until he was about 15 months old that he started really playing with them, and now at nearly two, he plays with them every day, and sorts them to put them away.

ours are both colored and natural.
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I would only get a few basic ones at this age, keeping it simple. - I have found that our block collection has grown over the years - I have a nearly 5 y/o who still plays with them. Later on the imagination really starts to come in and I reckon the more variation in size and shape the better. We have square ones of different sizes and lots of small oblong ones which my Dad made. They have been farm fences and supports for train tracks and ... Then we also have little plank like ones (oblong and quite flat). And other shapes and sizes too. It's amazing what can be built with them.
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btw, my husband and i find that we enjoy playing with them.
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I'd start basic too, add on when you see your DD is limited by the number.

We have wooden alphabet blocks and architectural blocks, which are used together. Our set fills a cubic foot of storage space. You don't need all that yet Just get one set, probably the alphabet block size because the architectural blocks require more fine motor skill than most 8 month olds have. The alphabet block size are the good ones to stack and topple.

Of course our alphabet blocks have colors but only partly.

If I could afford it, I'd get the big architectural blocks, like some pediatricians office waiting rooms have. Those are NICE. We don't have them, too expensive for us. But those would have great play value for any age. Our architectural blocks are small and we just have one basic set (probably 20 pieces total of those).
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My soon to be 8 month old (in a few days, where did the time go?!) loves my 2yos blocks. I just took out the smaller pieces because she still mouths everyyythinggg. There are some beautiful cherry sets on etsy, I'd go with those in the future. Our kids will probably be getting them for Christmas or their birthdays (same week as xmas ) because the colors do hamper the creativity for my 2yo.
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Our youngest is 12m and will play a bit with blocks, but block playing usually comes a bit later. We have a large number of plain blocks but the kids love, love, love the fancy haba blocks. So attractive to children. DS also loved alphabet blocks that also had animals (Uncle Goose). If you are willing to use some plastic, duplo blocks are also great in a different way (I strongly prefer them to megablocks). Terrific play value in all of them.
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Any recommendations on specific blocks to buy online? I am looking for some that have a very natural look and even texture... Perhaps rounds from a tree or something of that sort. What are your favorites?
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Hey, thanks for your replies everyone! WindyCityMom, my dd birthday is on Boxing day!
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I think I am going to get the geometric ones from here in natural...still don't know wether to get the coloured ones too, they just look so pretty but I don't want to hamper any creativity! http://http://www.myriadonline.co.uk...ing-blocks.php
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I'm not sure what alphabet blocks are, are they blocks in the shape of letters? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've not heard of them in th UK!
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I got these blocks on Etsy when my youngest son was born... both he and I love the texture of them and they were small enough for his little hands

I didn't see any in the sellers shop, but I'm sure you could ask her
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we have some tree stump blocks. we have a set that was purchased and we have some that we have made ourselves. at 17 months, my little one likes to put them in his month
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my kids are 5, 2 and almost 8 months and we have all sat and played with the blocks together every single day these past two weeks.

I bought these when my dd1 was around 10months... we have natural wood and colored and some with the alphabet on them- i found the alphabet ones at a consignment store and they are old old old.... we love all of them, but I think if I had a choice I wouldve only gotten natural wood.

after 4 years some of the colored ones look worn, while the natural look brand new.
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