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You all saved another one!

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One month ago, I gave birth to our perfect baby boy. While I was pregnant, I discovered this board (thanks to all of your signatures!). At first, I thought you all were a bit crazy, but the more I read, the more I saw what you saw. It didn't take long for me to realize that no son of mine would ever be circ'ed. I approached dh, and after showing him some of the links that you all regularly post, he was convinced that circing for any reason was wrong.

I am a bit sad to say that if my dd had been a boy, she almost certainly would have been circ'ed. But, my boy is intact and will remain that way, unless he makes a choice to circ himself at some point later in life.

This weekend we had a beautiful baby naming ceremony for him, and all of our friends and family made comments that it was touching, and although not what they were accustomed to, it gave them things to think about. I had been quite nervous about how people would react, and have been pleasantly surprised at how supportive most are being!

Anyway, I read this board enough to know how exhausting it can be when you try to convince people who won't listen to you about the tragedy of infant circumcision. I thought it might make you all feel better to know that you can credit yourselves with saving my son
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Congratulations, and thanks for posting! It is encouraging to hear how this board is making a difference for baby boys!

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Posts like these make my day! I'm so glad the word is getting out and people are starting to "get it". Congrats on your new baby!
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Thank you for posting it really helps to know that we make a difference when we see so much negative stuff.
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Congrats primarily on a healthy baby, as well as on your very loving decision to spare him pain and loss at his tender age... which will turn into a gift at every stage of his life. I recall reading about his rather urgent arrival, so it's all the more gratifying to hear that everything is perfect.

Well done, too, for proceeding with a nontraditional naming ceremony. It sounds like it was a gracious, loving way to share news of your beliefs about circumcision while opening minds and encouraging further discussion. One day this will be quite routine, I hope.

Best wishes to your family.
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What you just described sounds like a beautiful celebration! What a way to celebrate life! that is so awesome!!!

Enjoy your babymoon
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Thank you for posting that!
I'm glad your circle of family and friends has been supportive and kind.

Congratulations on the birth of your new son!
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That's wonderful to hear! Thanks for posting this and congratulations on the birth of your very lucky and loved baby boy!
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