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Two silly questions. . .

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1) How do you transfer your twins from the car to, say, a shopping cart when they're too big for the bucket seats, but not big enough to walk? I'm sick and tired of the buckets and know we weren't using them for dd1 at this age. However, I'm still stymied as to how to get the kids from the car into the store in order to use their shopping carts. None of my carriers are quick or easy to use and the kids are getting too squirmy and heavy for me to carry together anymore. I'm still debating if it's safe to park near the entrance, run and get a cart, then unload the kids. Ugh

2) Does a graco duoglider fit thru the luggage screening device at the airport? We're debating a trip cross country and I'd really want to bring my double stroller, but I'm not sure how to handle it at the airport. Anyone been thru security with one?

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I only can answer #1…I would park next to a cart corale thingy (I'm so technical, sorry, you know, the places in the parking lot where people leave their carts) and hope that they hadn't just been there to empty them. That way I would just park, grab a cart and unload the kids. Otherwise I'd put one in a sling and carry the 2nd on my other side - good enough to get me across the parking lot!

Good luck with the travel! I took my girls on a trip at 8 months old and they were great through the airport and plane (more challenging at the destination however!).
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I either push them in a stroller or park near the cart return. It rains 9 months out of the year, though, so the carts are wet all winter. At that point I admit defeat and don't go shopping without help or with kids left at home.
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I used a stroller and either put groceries in the bottom or hung my cloth bags from it. When they both started walking, I ditched the stroller for all short trips and we held hands and walked. I only have the twins though. I find the trick to be if the store has enough of the car carts or double seatbelt carts. And getting them out of the car cart when we are done is always a hoot.

could you call airline/airport to get dimensions? Are you talking about the carry on xray conveyer belt? I think it'd be close. Would they let you go through the metal detector with it?
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I wear one baby through the whole shopping trip, either on my back in a backpack carrier or an ergo or in a ring sling and put the other in the seat part of the cart. So when I'm going into the store I wear that baby and carry the other. When I have to do a huge shopping and need the space I'll sometimes wear one baby on my back in the backpack and put the other baby in the ring sling. It's exhausting but works.

As for the stroller, it will fit through the x-ray machine but you will need to take off the tray and any sunshades. You don't have to put it through the xray machine though. Now they have "family" lanes and you wheel the stroller up to the screening place and they take it through a gate (like they would do for a wheel chair) and swab it and then you get it back while you are collecting your things from the belt. You don't even have to collapse it. It is really nice and easy. I actually only fly with strollers that don't fit through the machines and it has never been a problem. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Julia'sMom View Post
I'm still debating if it's safe to park near the entrance, run and get a cart, then unload the kids. Ugh
i do this. i leave the door open so that i can see them and run like the wind!
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i wore both babies while i shopped. one on front and one on back. not the most relaxing thing in the world, but at some point in the trip, it was inevitable anyways. when they were able to sit in the cart, i wore one and put one in the seat. and yet another vote on parking next to the cart corral.
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You might need a sling or a backpack.

I would sling 1 and carry the other to the carts, and put the loose one in the cart. Or get a kid cart (like the car ones), and let the boys sit in that and "drive" (as long as it was a quick trip and they could safely sit).

Or, I would get the stroller out and put them in that.

And I fell in LOVE with Costco because of the big double seater carts and ice cream!

2. Ug. Going through security was he**! I had 1 babe in a sling. . . with metal rings and they had to search me. No one would help AT ALL. You know, because we would sue if they broke something. Our stroller was just rolled around the gate and wanded and searched. But it was fine.

So my advice: check as much as possible!! 1 bag or snacks, toys, and diapers. . . and make it a backpack to leave your hands as free as possible!
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1. Park as near as I could to the cart return or the nearest loose shopping cart.

2. Not sure but my Aria Twin definitely didn't, so they hand-inspected it with those little powder-residue detector pads.
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At the grocery store, I wear one on my back in the Ergo, usually the lightest one and the other would sit in the cart. I do park near a cart stall so I can get a cart and not have to worry about the kids. This winter tho, I am going to have to wear one and carry the other even tho they can both walk, walking through slush and snow isn't easy for a toddler. Lately tho, I go shopping at night after the twins are in bed. It's easier for me.

I don't have any advise for the airport tho, sorry. Hope you figure that out.
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Not sure about your 2nd question but for the first question, I park close to the cart corral (still do, my boys are 3). Put one in the seat and carried one in the Beco.
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I usually shopped with my stroller and a cart but my stroller could be driven with one hand and I got really good at dragging a cart behind me.

Yes to what everyone has said about hand scanning the stroller. The other thing to know/ask about, if you're flying alone with the children, is a companion pass to get another adult through security with you. The ticket agent at the desk can issue it and it's up to their discretion but it looks like a boarding pass. Someone meeting you on the other end can request one and get to your gate.
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This is a little off topic, but it has to do with flying with twin infants. Be aware that it's against federal regulation for two lap children to sit in the same group of seats because there aren't enough oxygen masks for two extra people. We flew with the boys in July and had to sit in two different rows for this reason. If you're planning on holding your babies through the flight, consider sitting across the aisle from your partner, or one behind the other.
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I was just asking another local MoM friend about #1- she just uses her stroller or parks next to a corral. I'm getting really sick of our carriers here and also know that I was using my sling far more with my older two! But I have four so I rarely go to stores with any (or all) of them anyway. LOL

And for #2, they just scan your stroller like everyone said. We took the Twin Aria (which I regret, no offense to those who love it) and I wish we'd left it in Mexico. Frustrating! But they helped us open/close it and all that fun stuff.
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I'm so glad I found this post. I was feeling like the most horrible mama in the world by parking as near to the entrance as possible and running to get one of the coveted two-seat grocery carts! At one point, this lady actually looked at me as I shut the car door on my kids and walked away to get the cart. She started peeking into the car and looking all concerned. I wanted to slap her. It does get frustrating.

I do all the same as above, except now they are almost too heavy and squirmy to sling-carry. I eventually called the grocery and said while I really am impressed by the hard work ethic displayed by the cart return boys, I really wish they would leave some double carts in the parking lot for moms like me. Especially in the mornings when we go, dudes! I explained the need to have to leave the kids to run to the front and they basically said, say no more. We'll hook you up. It's worth a call to the store manager. There are usually 2-3 double carts in the lot every time I go now.
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