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Originally Posted by aidennamelie'smum View Post
By the way he never had a poop in his cloth diaper. He potty trained by 2.4.

Oh SURE! Rub it in.

3 and still in diapers.
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I took 18 mo DD into the bathroom with me as I usually do, and when I stood up after I was finished, she pulled apart my butt cheeks and said "Poop? Poop?" That's when I knew she was ready to start learning!
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What a great thread! I should not have been reading it while the kids are asleep though... my laughing might wake them up.

When DD was very newly potty learning, she hadn't made the connection that SHE could pee on demand. Instead, it was a sit and wait and maybe there'd be some pee or maybe there wouldn't. Well, one day, I was in the living room and I had left her in the bathroom to sit with a book. After a bit, she hollers out to me, "Mommy, I found some peepee!" she "found" some.

Originally Posted by aidennamelie'smum View Post
our first born Mr.A (short for Aiden)
I call Benjamin "B" lol.
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I was unloading the dishwasher & DS always wants to help so I gave him a pot. He asked what it was & I said "a pot". He was thrilled & it was bare butt time. He walked around for about 10 min holding the pot in front of his penis saying "ssss ssss I pee". I guess he thought I meant pee pot.

DS also cheers/claps for me & DH if we "go" on the toilet.

He likes to offer all his toys potty-tunities too, including his rubber duck, trucks & balls. He's even put a door stop in the potty & said "sss sss".
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As you know from the other thread, pee has been a bit of a challenge with us. You know how some kids'll pee a little, realize it's happening and hold it and run for the potty? Or will hold it if a parent spots it and asks them to?

DD would (optimistic past tense ) stand naked watching the stream shoot forward and calmly remark "I'm peeing".

And then walk through the puddle and complain that the floor was slippery.

(I wonder if dd will start telling dh and me "thank you for getting to the potty in time".)
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DD is 22 mo and she initiated potty training herself about a week ago. She said "diaper byebye, undie try" and then she said "potty try". Luckily we already had some potty chairs handed down to us from cousins. Today was our first catch and DD looked down at pee coming out and said "waterfall!"
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DS was newly trained. It was summer and he had been without pants for about a week, no problem at all, no oopses, 100%. The first day he's wearing shorts, no undies (since I hadn't found any small enough) and playing in the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear, "uh oh.". Figuring we just had a first accident, I grabbed a cloth and went to clean up. There is DS, standing on the step stool, looking down at a small poop on the floor. "Mommy, the poop fall down!". He was so sad and wanted to make sure it wasn't hurt.
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