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selective vax in Virginia

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I have a friend who is moving to Virginia (from California) with her selectively vaxed preschooler and I pulled up the exemption form for her. Now she is worried that there is going to be an issue since she does some vax but not others. Has anyone found this to be a problem in Virginia?
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I just wanted to bump this up again.

Where is it that says you can change your religion at any time?
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I'm in VA, and AFAIK, it's all or nothing b/c we only have medical or religious exemptions. At any point you can decide to "change religions" and stop vaxing, but that means all vaxes are stopped. If she claims a religious exemption and then at a later time vaxes for 1 or 2 VPDs, the state could compel her to bring ALL vaxes up to date.

We decided when DS1 was 12mo that we would no longer be vaxing. We have not vaxed him or any other children since that point.

ETA~ here is the accepted exemption form:

Because the state does not ask for "proof" of religion, a person can change their religion at any time and stop vaxing.
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so is there any way that the school could find out if she was to give more vax's?
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Yes, I believe VA has a database. Hold on, lemme look...

Okay, VA has a registry that she would need to opt-out of. If her child(ren) are enrolled in school, I'm sure they will ask for their official vax records from their ped, it's hard to fudge those. Here's info on the registry:

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ok, thank you!
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Is she planning to give any more vaxes any time soon? She doesn't have to provide them with any vax records, just the form claiming religious exemption, and how would they know if she's had any vaxes? Then just opt out of the registry and keep her mouth shut about any boosters she gets from now on. Or do titers to see if she even needs any more.

Or she could homeschool, lol.
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yeah, that's what I ended up suggesting to her. She doesn't want to have to be sneaky about it though. I told her to just keep a copy of her vax record as it is now and start a new one for boosters. I don't know if it will really matter but that way she will have one that is the same as it was at the time that she turned in her exemption. It's just so different from California where it is easy to exempt.
Thank you for the advice!
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