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I have done all sorts of jobs. In the legal field, engineering, accounting, even clerical front office work. I have never worn make up. Currently I am the VP of a consulting engineering firm... no make up here! None of the women here actually wear make up on a regular basis.
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I am prior military (no make-up there) and now work for DOD as an electronics tech. Still don't wear make-up. I haven't experienced any bias for not wearing it. If anything, in my field, it's the opposite. The women who wear make-up and dress more feminine have a tendency to be regarded by many of my male co-workers as less than capable.
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I've always worn light or occasional makeup myself, but worked with women who did not. In each job we had to be presentable, but certainly not made up.

Cashier at grocery store
Fast Foodr
Call center
Cheese shop/deli
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I have never had a job where make up was mentioned except to say that IF we wear make up it must be light/natural looking and if it is too obvious we will be asked to remove it or sent home. Almost every job I have had with a dress code has specified natural/light make up if we wear any. Only restrictions, no demands. Currently I am not allowed to wear finger nail polish although I occasionally get away with clear. (I work in a butcher shop by the way). i have never experienced any sort of bias. I however do have pretty good skin even though I am pushing 40. partly because i have never worn much make up and never tanned. I do wear moisturizer....thats the difference between looking 25 and looking like the crypt keeper. For a while I worked for tips and did get better tips when I did my hair and wore a little mascara and foundation. It was not required but hey, whatever filled the tip jar.

And I think basic grooming and looking professional goes both ways. I used to work at a job where women could wear nice knit t shirts but men had to wear dress shirts and ties. Also, when I friend of mine complains he can't get a job I want to scream at him to shave his stupid beard because no one will hire him with that thing on his face. I think he would rather starve. I knew a guy who owned and ran a high end retail specialty store and always had clownish facial hair. So unprofessional. People did not take him seriously as a business man. I think men shaving is far more important and required than women wearing make up. My friend had a job once and if they showed up with so much as a five oclock shadow they were handed a razor and sent to shave before they punched in. seriously. I am sure the women were expected to wear make up there. a certain look was expected.
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Vet tech. None of us ever wore make up, it comes off anyway when dogs are slobbering on you.

Now as a student teacher, I wear a thin layer of Bare Minerals foundations to stay non-shiny throughout the day and chapstick. Nothing more than that. And I am a dresses, skirts, and dress pants kind of girl (I look young so I dress up more than most teachers at the school) but I never wear heels. I wear nice flats.
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Forestry technician!!! But, on the down side, it's hard to find good gear for women, and I all I could wear was 38" waist men's Dickies overalls with the side buttons undone while pregnant. Prejudice is VERY strong in the outdoor clothing/equipment industry.
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At my workplace some do (like me) but many don't. Same all over my university. Dress is business casual, for the most part. We tend to dress a little nicer than the profs, except for those in the Business dept.

The only place I've ever worked that had a "dress code," which included pantyhose (ugh!) and seemed to expect makeup was a medical department at a hospital run by a 50-something office manager who was simply from that era where those things mattered. (that was in the 90s).
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Originally Posted by Dingletwitz View Post
psychologist, counselor, social worker, etc. Well, any health care really.
Agreed! I'm a protective services social worker and makeup brings unwanted attention from male clients most of the time.... and heels get in the way when you're being chased down
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I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor and I don't wear make up. I think that most of the women I work with don't wear make up on the job either.
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I've worked in three countries in publishing, high tech and financial industries and never encountered prejudice against not wearing makeup.
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Yeah, elementary school teacher. Secondary can get dicier, not because it's a requirement, but because so many of the STUDENTS wear so much make-up.

Honestly, well-kept hair (and mine is a mess today) does more for general appearance than make-up, to me.
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i think this may also be a regional thing. When I lived in the south you didn't take your morning poo without fixin' your hair and puttin' on your face. We also dressed up more. Even at a casual church people were dressed up on Sundays. In school it was not unusual to wear dresses, hose and heels (middle/high school) Now I live in the midwest and anything above a little light foundation and neutral lip gloss/chap stick is considered "going out" make up. At most of the people I work with (who are out of high school) wear a little foundation, mascara and maybe eye shadow. The old ladies wear lip stick but the younger women usually wear a little tinted chap stick at the most. If my partner shows up with make up I would guess it is left over from a night of partying or there to cover whats leftover from a night of partying. Certainly a different perspective than what i grew up with.
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