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I'm next!

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No, I'm not in labor, I'm just saying I'M. NEXT. Got that? Nobody else has their baby until I do.
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Good luck
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Ohhhhhh no, missy! I insist on going next! I insist on going tonight, as a matter of fact.

Unless you are overdue, that is. Are you overdue? I'll feel sorry for you and let you go next, if you are.

Otherwise, I'm officially due today. I had my membranes swept today. I am fairly certain that I am never, ever, ever going to have this baby. Not ever.

I wish you a better fate than mine!
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No, if anyone is going next it's meeeeee!!! I'm 42 weeks today and I really want this baby in my arms NOW!!!
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Oh. Um. I think we're going to have to let AutumnAir go next. I'm not stepping in front of a 42 weeker. I know how homicidal I'm feeling at "only" 40 weeks.
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OH no you don't VillageMom6....nice try...we can see right there in your siggy that your due date is the 21st! So back off lady...there's a line!

Autumn Air, I'll let you go first, but you'd better hurry it up, because I'm 41 weeks yesterday, and I've had about enough!!!
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AutumnAir, you have my deepest sympathies. I think I'd be losing it at 42 weeks!
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Thanks everyone!! You'd think it would be a bit easier this time around, since DD didn't come till 43+1, but it's still soooo difficult to wait, especially when everyone else is having their babies already!!
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I think I've given up on having this baby this month. I'm due next week, but I want to go NOW. I should just move over to September. lol
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Yep, Joyster, I'm with you...and I'm thinking of you who are "overdue"...due dates are a load of bull.

I'm due in 6 days. I've had rounds of contractions that would be enough to lay out a very large land mammal, and now an extremely slow high leak in my bag of water..enough to bring out baby? Um, no. Add that to the fact that my MW said earlier this week that the baby is likely well over 9 lbs already, and you'd think he/she'd like to get the show on the road already.

September sure is a lovely month. Maybe I should introduce myself into their DDC..
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BlackSheepPDX and I share a due date, and reluctant babies! I'm 41+1 today and so over it. I'm thinking of swigging an induction cocktail on Sunday if this little one isn't out by then. But I'm sure somebody on here will pop out a baby before that. I want to be next!
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I hope one of us goes next. I'm 39+1 and am so done already. I want to meet baby girl really bad, as does the rest of the family.
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My due date according to an early dating ultrasound is TODAY - baby's daddy's birthday is also today! While that would be fun, I just don't feel like anything is really going to happen. I had my membranes stripped yesterday morning.. meh. SO I won't try to beat any of you that deserve it far more than I do at this point but hey would you guys mind popping those kids on out already so the rest of us can?! hehehe!!!
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