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selling stuff

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...is there anywhere to sell stuff besides Ebay? I'm just not into all those fees but at the same time have some quality clothing, hand bags, books and kids stuff that I would prefer to get a little profit from.

I could also have a yard sale, but we live in a fairly urban area and I'm not sure who would stop. I think that people with cars are more likely to haul stuff home? I'd hate to set up a million things and have like 3 people come because I'm pretty lazy.

So what can I do? Do people really buy things off Craigslist? Are there similar websites like Ebay I can try out?
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I'd try Craig's list. I've had a lot of luck there but I'm always really careful...never let anyone in my house and I don't go into anyone else's house.
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Well if you are in an urban area I think a yard sale would go over well -- lots of foot traffic, which is the opposite problem we have! Especially if you can collect some shopping bags for people to carry things home, I think you could sell quite a bit of things like clothes etc. If people regularly walk around to do their shopping anyway then what's the difference if they stop at a store or stop at your house? They'd still have to lug things home by foot!

And yes, people really do buy things off Craigslist, I made $160 last month selling just random cheap things we had laying around. But buyers do want a deal so you have to price accordingly. Also you could bring things to a consignment store. Or, you could set up a yard sale with neighbors, and places like churches & non-profits often have huge yard sales where they'll let you sell your stuff if you pay them $10 to set up a table.
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I sell my stuff on Craigslist. Like a PP said, people are looking for deals (kind of like at a garage sale) so high-priced items don't tend to sell fast. As for safety, I make sure the pick-up time is when my husband is home and bring the item out to the front porch so we don't have to bring a stranger inside. I sell old books on Amazon.com - works great.
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I had great success with a yard sale just last weekend. more ppl = more sales! unless you're trying to sell furniture I'm sure you'd move a lot of stuff, and even with large items, if someone wants it they'll buy it and find a way to get it home. good luck!
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