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The voices of children playing before dusk

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Hi: Just read a short story wherein the main character claims
that children playing outside start sounding louder 1/2 hour
before dusk, perhaps because other sounds become quieter
or because they're compressing energy and play into the little
time they know they have left.
Upon reading that it immediately seemed to me to be true;
children raise their voices before dusk. What do otheres think?

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I think everything else starts to quiet down. Another thought is this time of year around dusk it really starts cooling off so people seem to have a little burst of energy, tend to more active once the sun stops harassing us.
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i grew up in a country where you DO hear the sounds of children playing in the street. i was out there playing too. so yes that is true. but i think its another factor too.

kids go out to play outside after finishing hw and everything else from about 4 to 6 (6 is when it turned dark and we had to go in). there are not that many kids playing outside at that time.

i would say this happens to kids during school hours when they have limited play time at the park.

not so much during holidays.

however i wonder if its the same in the depths of Alaska where there is daylight all summer. Do kids get loud right before they come in. AKmamawife we need you here.

these are just some of my thoughts.
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I'd say it's a combo. Things get more quiet so the kids sound louder but I know that my boys seem to go hyper at that time of day.
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