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where to begin?

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i bought a sewing machine...now what? I am thinking of starting really easy, with some cloth wipes, but don't know a thing about sewing. i sewed a bag in girl scouts 20 years ago, and that's it.

any good free online tutorials or sites or blogs? Is there a site like ravelry, but for sewers?
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Well, cloth wipes are not really easy, imo. Knits are usually harder to sew than wovens, and wipes are usually serged. Is there anything else you're inspired to make? A class would be really useful. But if you really want to do it from home, I suggest

1. Read your manual
2. Get a good how-to book (I like the Readers' Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.)
3,. Find a tutorial for something that inspires you or get a Kwik Sew Kwik Start pattern.

I think sewing quilt tops is a good way to start, too.

Good luck and have fun!
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I think this website is kind of like ravelry for sewing:http://sewing.patternreview.com/
When I made wipes I just cut squares or rectangles of prewashed flannel and zigzag stitched the edges to keep fraying to a minimum (since I do not have a serger). I did this with both single and double layers of flannel, and these have held up great.
Any project with strait seams using woven fabric will be more beginner level.
Good luck and have fun! I love sewing!
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I learned a lot from the "SEW Everything Workshop" book. It's like a hip sewing class in a book and it even comes with patterns. I know there are other similar books on Amazon. I know the patterns I used from this book really helped me get my feet wet, and now I sew almost everyday.

The first thing you should do though is read your machines manual, as someone else pointed out, and with the manual in your lap as a reference, play around/acquaint your self with your machine so you understand everything that it can do. (If you haven't done this already)
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hey, congrats on getting a machine! you are going to have so much fun!

i recommend starting with something really simple for which you don't need a pattern. Try pillowcases, or a simple bag. and i agree with a pp, that patchwork is a lot of fun for a beginner. patchwork curtains to match my living room were one of my first projects, and I made a lot of throw pillows to match.

good luck!
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I bought my sewing machine this time last year - Labor Day Sale. I took the free class offered with the purchase and then promptly forgot everything. So, when I went to make a crown from my daughter a month and a half later, it was a pretty frustrating experience . . . but, I got through it! Since then, I have made my son a couple of pair of recycled sweater longies and almost finished his birthday crown (oops!). I made a recycled sweater bag and my first project with a pattern - a Butterick dress for my dd. The last thing I'd made on a machine was 20 years ago in high school. I was delighted to find that there are instructions in patterns! I don't know what I expected to find. I'm used to knitting and the instructions for sewing are just as clear. Step by step. So, once you are comfortable threading your bobbin, your needle and sewing straight stitches . . . and you can get there making bags, napkins, placemats, whatever, then go for it!
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