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Paint color recommendation

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Hi Mamas~
I want to paint the walls in our playroom. They are currently beige and I'd love a new color. The problem is, the carpet is sage green. It is a beautiful color of carpet, but I just can't figure out what my wall color options are. (Now wishing we had chosen a neutral carpet...learn from my mistake. )

What color would you paint the walls?
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Pale yellow or a pale orange? I think that would brighten the walls and compliment the carpet!
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I think it is important that it be rather muted, like a yellow should be a mellow honey yellow instead of lemon for instance. That helps harmonize with sage which is a muted green.

I would tend to go toward the pinks, anything from a peachy pink, to a soft violet. What made me think of this was the types of sage and other plants with the gray-green leaves that have pink to violet tones in their flowers. Also green and pink are complementary colors.

Again, try to find something muted though, like a violet that is almost a soft brown or a pink that is like soft sand.

Have fun! I don't think you need to regret the sage carpet--it's just tricky but you will end up with something lovely.
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How about some fun stripes and you could do alternating stripes of sage (the carpet color), a periwinkle blue, pink, buttery yellow. You could make it really fun by doing different thicknesses of stripes. I would take some time to do it right, but it would be really fun in a play room.

Like this but with more fun kid colors:

If you didn't want to do all the walls like this, you could pick a color from your stripes to do as a solid on some of the other walls. Maybe just do an accent wall of stripes.
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I immediately thought lavender. Not purple, but a muted earthly lavender. I think those two colors are well suited to each other. I'd try to find a few pictures of lavender plants and see what the sage/lavender look like together in nature.
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I think I would do a solid color on two or three walls and stripes on the other wall(s). You could do different shades of the same color or pick a few different colors that would look nice together. I think that would be fun for a playroom and give you more flexibility.

I like the second pic on this page. http://www.bhg.com/decorating/paint/...tripes/?page=4

ETA: somehow I missed the post above until after I posted this, but I'm glad someone else likes the stripe idea too!
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Maybe mocha color with white trim to brighten it up?

Or an eggplant color would look beautiful with the sage.

Lavendar as the pp's suggested:

Or muted but more colorful, something on this idea:

Check out the color palettes page & just think of the sage as another paint color (http://www.myperfectcolor.com/SearchResults.asp) I was trying to find a better color palette tool 'cause I'm also looking at paint colors, but that's the best I found so far.

Oooo here try this one: http://colorschemedesigner.com/
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I love gray walls! Our bedroom is dark gray with a sagey green rug and it looks awesome. Don't know if you want to stay neutral or not though. Our room is "Dark Granite" by Behr.
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a steiner answer (lol):

lazure painting (or close) in blues to be the sky, the green will be the grass, and there you have it.

now, lazure takes a bit of time (days sometimes), and it is it's own technique with it's own special brushes, workshops, ways of mixing the paints (stockmar watercolor pigments put into an acrylic matte medium with an addition of a thinner so that it dries slowly and can be applied in thin layers), and is just overwhelming to even think about.

but, you can do "faux-lazure" which a friend of mine and I did in her yoga room. essentially, we just got very large, soft paint brushes (the largest we could find), and then got regular room paints in the same hue value (i think it was second above the white-color one on one of those paint thingies that show from light to dark paint options), in the colors that she wanted. she wanted the room to be blues and violets like just after the sun went down (twilight), and so we got a bunch of those (probably 4-6 colors).

we painted the whole room a base coat of a light blue, and then began to add (as quickly as possible since it would dry), layers of the other paint colors. we would just move it and layer it on and there it went and it was lovely. i would go with sunny blues and perhaps some whispy whites for clouds, and some darker blues now and again, and perhaps a bit of yellow in a given corner for the sun.

i don't know. something fun and natural.
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Originally Posted by littlest birds View Post
I think it is important that it be rather muted, like a yellow should be a mellow honey yellow instead of lemon for instance. That helps harmonize with sage which is a muted green.
I agree with this! I have a sage green/pale yellow with white trim paint theme in my house and I love it. (We're selling our house and the realtor and home stager said we don't have to repaint because it's a "happy combo"!)Just make sure if you choose a light color that you get scrubbable paint for a playroom. Kelly Moore even has a nice flat scrubbable (do you double the "b" in that word?! ). It could look even prettier with nice white molding! Enjoy your pretty carpet!
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