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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post
My mw has births like that. She said by her fourth baby she couldn't even think about it beforehand. She just had to totally ignore the fact that birth was going to happen. Her mw wanted to talk about it, but she refused. Then, when it does come, she just surrenders to it as best she can and gets it over with.
This is how I've been coping too. I'm 100% serious. In fact, I met with my doula once, and then decided I couldn't go back because I'm not talking about this with anyone. I'm WAY better off ignoring this lol. This is my first time opening up about it, the time draws nigh......and all that.
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Originally Posted by DoulaLMT View Post
I have to agree that once I felt a "real" one, there was no question in my mind. I had an oddly positioned baby too, and after the initial "ouch these are real"....pretty much the rest of them felt like my pelvis was splitting in two, until he came out.
Like this. My entire uterus just seized up and oh my, the ouchiness. I had been having Braxton Hicks for weeks and weird other pains. When labor started for me, there was no doubt. It felt very different.
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Originally Posted by *clementine* View Post
Am I the only one who experiences this level of pain in labor?
I've done drug free, and my cousin was talking to me about how her labors basically just felt like tightening too, but I can't imagine there'd be that much divergence in the level of intensity.
I honestly feel like it hurts so much that my soul stands with God while I watch my body go through something.
I'm good at giving birth too. I'm quiet and meditative during contractions and my births are like an hour long etc...etc....it's a very holy experience.
But that said:
I've been praying for a gentle birth this time around, because apparently, it exists.
Nope, I'm with you. I am sooo envious of the people who say birth wasn't that painful. My friend said breaking her ankle was way more painful. Mine was excruciating. I can't even describe it. I'm not sure if part of it was the position of the baby (posterior).
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Thank you everyone for posting about your contraction experiences. It's been very eye opening. no more weird back pains like before, but my braxton hicks have been coming as often as 4 minutes apart all day long.

This could be a long 4.5 weeks if I go to 42weeks. Fingers crossed that does not happen!
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DDCC from Nov.

All of my labors (2 natural and 1 induction) started out like strong BH and then turning to BH with menstrual cramp like feelings wrapping around belly to my back. Then by 5cm there is no mistaking I'm in labor -- pain is increasing. By 7 cm I felt like I couldn't do it anymore ... that is always when I start begging for meds but my last 2 labors by the time I finally got an epidural at "7cm" I pushed the baby out w/in 5-10 min ... my body went that quick. It definately felt like I couldn't handle it anymore. Pain starting in my uterus going sharply down my legs -- I had no way to hold myself up in any position -- I could only focus on breathing and not talk or do anything else (I did cry with my last one). The epidurals didn't take the last 2 times so I still felt the pain of the contractions and the strong pressure that happened when I knew it was time to push. I also got nauseated at 7 cm each and everytime. That is always a sign of where I'm at in labor. With my DD (my only induction) I kept saying, "I can't do this anymore" even during pushing where I felt like everything was out of control.
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The only reason I recognized my early contractions last time was because my water broke. An hour later I started to feel like my period was coming. And that was it -- bad menstrual cramps until I started pushing (the transition ones were really bad!). I also never had breaks. The contractions would die down but they never went totally away. I was crampy the whole time which made timing them difficult.

My daughter's birth was pretty fast. I went from easily talking through contractions to pushing in an hour. If my water hadn't broken I'm betting the contractions would have woken me up about 4 hours or so before the actual birth.
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