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Period at 6wks

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I am so not impressed.

Got my period back early w/ DD as well, but assumed that that was due to decreased nursing due to mastitis.

Apparently this is just how my body does things.

Joy. Not.
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8wks, here
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Me too. Puke.
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7 weeks for me
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I'm 5 freaking weeks TOMORROW and I think AF has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this?????? With dd1 it was 6 mos., with dd2 it was more like a year or something.

I don't get it.

ETA - okay... maybe not... confusing... weird.
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yeah! wth is that about? not fair... after my first two pregnancies it was around 14 months. with my third it was 4 months. dreading the onset this time.

i like not having the red terror around for a while!!
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I'm still spotting at 7 weeks PP...but I assumed that it's still just leftover from birthing? I HOPE so because we haven't used birth control when DTD...YIKES!
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I'm not sure what to expect...I haven't had a normal period since 1993! (I went on the Pill in early 1994, stayed on it and got the fake monthly Pill period for years, then went off it and got pregnant within 3 weeks, before I reestablished my cycle.)

I was 18! I'm now almost 35! My periods were beyond irregular, too. I guess we'll see.
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