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Originally Posted by chaoticzenmom View Post

My personal rule is that if fever is gone for 24 hours and everyone feels well, we go back to normalcy. If I were worried about my child being contagious, I'd bring anti-bacterial wipes and sprays and use as necessary. I'd warn people "ds was sick earlier this week, so no hugs and kisses today." I'd watch closely and make sure that no cups and utensils are shared. No touching babies (which is a good rule anyway).

If someone is immuno-compromised and going to the fair, I'm guessing they'll be taking care to avoid germs already.
1) Please, please don't use antibacterial wipes when dealing with a virus.

2) My sister, who is immunocompromised, still has to: get in a busy shared elevator, take the bus to the train station, take the subway, and go to work, and then back. And yes, she sometimes likes to go, you know, to fun things out in public. In one of the biggest cities in the US, even.

Mostly she's fine other than more coughs and colds than most experience. But then sometimes people cross her path with things like, oh, pertussis, which she had this past winter, and now, possibly TB. I guess she should quit her prestigious job and stay home 24/7 to remain well, which would be super fun for her because she also has mild CP and relies on a wheelchair to get around, because sometimes people don't have common decency to stay home when they're sick.

I'm sorry, but this topic irks me to no end. The responsibility isn't on the person who is immunocompromised to make sure your knowingly sick kids don't make them ill, it's on you.
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I get that people need to be cautious. Also that it's unfair that immuno-compromised people are at higher risk. It may be more prudent to wait until the sores in the mouth are gone, but the fever's been gone for 3 days and her children feel fine. As a mom of 4, I cannot stay in the house for the entire possible time that my children may be contagious for a disease they may or may not have. So many times, people are contagious before they even have symptoms. Schools use the 24hour fever-free rule. I would not advise a mother to stay home for a month when I would not be able to do the same. I really doubt that anyone here would stay home for a month just because there's a possibility that their child could be contagious for up to a month. Most parent here would be sending their kids back to school when the fever is gone for 24hours and the child feels well.

Of course your sister (erinyay) should not have to stay home. She probably takes every precaution that she can reasonably take. Just as people who've been recently sick should do. Just as she has to go out in public, so does everyone else.

Also, I do believe clorox wipes do work to kill viruses...I say anti-bacterial, but clorox wipes are what I look for as soon as I enter the grocery store. If I don't use them, my child WILL be sick within the week from whatever germs were on the handle. I don't blame whoever was there before me. I just wipe the cart down and hope for the best. I don't go to McDonald's playland because my children WILL get a stomache virus soon after playing there. So, I don't go there or if I have to go there (to meet other people) I take lots of precautions.
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
We stay home when we are sick.
We make this a rule at our house, too.
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For hand, foot, and mouth disease, I would stay home for longer. We got it a couple years back from kids who had it the week prior, we had a play date early the next week, and at the end the mom casually mentioned the tidbit about HFM. Sure enough, we got it, and it was so miserable. If it were a regular cold and they had been fever free sine Tuesday then I'd be going out, but not this.
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We were on the other side of this 2 weeks ago...big family vacation with my brothers, sis in laws, us, mom, kids & it was also part my Mom's 60th bday present. Rented a house together & a few nights before we leave, my niece & nephew have fevers & sores on their feet.

Not only was it too late to change plans or get any money back, but we had all saved for a year to be able to take this vacation & my dd1 is best friends with her cousins & was looking fwd to it more than anything...BUT we also have a 6 mos old who i would not want sick. and my sis in law & i are really close...so even though I didnt want my kids getting sick, I also still wanted us all to go. I called our Ped & she said that while it wasn't ideal, she would feel better about it if we waited 24 hrs from the end of their fevers if possible. so they came down late the 1st night & we had hoped our dd would be asleep but she wasn't so it was only about 18 hours from the end of their fevers...it's been 2 weeks & so far, nothing. but dd1 seemed warm yesterday so i am wondering but our Ped seems to think they would come down with it within 4-5 days of exposure.

I think the important factor is we had the knowledge of them being sick & were all able to make decisions. They didn't just show up for the vacation & then tell us or worse, not tell us at all, ya know?

Now-truth be told-HFM is everywhere kids are. It sticks on things that kids have touched before their parents even knew they were sick. BUT when you know your kids are sick, to bring them out somewhere doesn't give anyone else the choice as to whether or not they WANT to possibly get exposed. and you never know who is compromised.

sure-stuff happens, there are germs in the world that can't always be traced back to someone who knew they were sick & people spread stuff "accidentally", but if you do actually know they are sick-esp in the earlier stages of it, it'd be a lot cooler to limit their contact to others.
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Yes but we're talking about one festival here. Is it absoutely necessary for the OP to bring her kids to a leisure activity where lots of other children will be attending and most probably going to be infected as well?
I do not believe a festival is something that is emergent in nature.
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Originally Posted by jnet24 View Post
I did research it.. and the problem is they are contagious for up to a month. That is a long time to quartine them.
what is your source of this information?

this absolutely does not sound right.

i can see this from a 1800s document. but not modern science.

our school policy is about a week. after all symptoms of fever and feeling sick are gone.

the carrier is really contagious the first week.

i would venture out after a week. not one second before.
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The CDC website says: "Infected persons are most contagious during the first week of the illness. The viruses that cause HFMD can remain in the body for weeks after a patient's symptoms have gone away. This means that the infected person can still pass the infection to other people even though he/she appears well."

So, it does appear they may be contagious for a month. I would keep them home as much as possible for a few weeks.
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Of course you should keep them home, they are sick and still very contagious. Why would you want to expose other children just so that your family can go to a festival? Seems very selfish to me.
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Based on what I learned in nursing school about viruses, and what I learned from DS's pediatrician when he had HFAM, I would say that when the kids are fever free for 24 hours without medication, and the sores are gone, they are ok to go to the fair. Yes, the virus can be in your body for a month or longer, but 99.9% of the population will not be affected by that. I was in nursing school when DS had HFAM and his doctor told me that I should probably stay away from the NICU at the hospital, and L&D if I was really worried (but she wasn't) but that DS was fine to go back to school. He did just that, and no one else came down with it, so I guess it was sound advice.
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That is an awful disease to have and I think you should keep it at home. My dd got it when she was five and she was in a lot of pain, had high fevers, and got very lethargic because she hurt too much to eat. It was awful. She has strep right now and that isn't as bad as the hand, foot, and mouth was (and it is really bad). I don't think that is a disease to expose others to. If it was a cold than so what, but this disease is truly awful.
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Well, ds had hfam last week - I was at girl guide camp with him the whole week (he developed while at camp - probably contracted it the week before). I brought him to the hospital (because we were far from home so didn't have a local doctor) to get him checked. The doctor seemed completely unconcerned we were at camp with a bunch of children stating simply that the incidences of hfam are really high this month.

The doctor I saw also said that the most contagious time period is actually just before the fever appears.

I personally don't hole up when ds gets sick & obviously others don't either 'cause he did NOT get hfam from anyone we knew that we were in contact with recently - we hadn't even been to a park or other area where he was in contact with random children so I figure he got it from the grocery cart or other such thing.

The other thing with hfam (I asked a LOT of questions of the doc) is that it rarely affects anyone but toddlers & infants. I suppose someone with an immune difficulty would be more likely to be affected as well.
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It's an unwritten rule amongst all my mama friends: If your kid is sick, you keep them home. A sick child is upset, hurting, weak, tired, and achy--and parents of said child are concerned, run ragged, stretched to the nth degree, and maybe even a little scared. Why would you risk of passing that on to anyone?
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I wish whoever gave it to my DS a few months back would have stayed home. He had it bad. Tons of sores in his mouth and a fever that would not go away. It went up to almost 105 and I darn near had a heart attack. Even DH got scared and he is Mr. Cool.

My DS lost so much weight from eating nothing for 2 weeks. We kept him inside for almost 3 weeks besides the doctor appt. He was miserable and I would never wish that on any other baby or toddler.

Keep them home.
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Contagious = stay home in this house. You have no idea what other people are dealing with, your child could very well pass it on to someone with an compromised immune system.
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To knowingly take your contagious child out in public for something not necessary, is rude - IMO. So, no, don't go. Sorry, it sucks, but that's what happens when you have kids.
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Yes, you should absolutely keep your sick children home. Hand, foot, and mouth disease - like others have said - can be super contagous. Even if they seem to be feeling better, the sores/blisters are a big reminder that the virus is still active in their body. To be on the safe side, I would keep them home for several days after the sores are completely gone. When I worked in childcare, HFM was something that meant the affected kids often stayed out for a couple weeks at a time. It spreads like crazy, and can be really awful and painful for many kids - not to mention immune-compromised people.
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Please stay home. My son caught this a few years ago and could not eat for 2 weeks due to the blisters in his mouth and throat. It was AWFUL. He was in a lot of pain and lost 5 lbs. It really makes me angry when someone knowingly takes their contagious kids out and about when they don't HAVE to do so.
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Please stay home. I just kept my two very active kids home for a week because of croup. I really sucked to see my kids struggling to breathe and there was no way I was going to risk passing that on to another little one, if I could help it. Yes, it was miserable but necessary for them and considerate to others.
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Originally Posted by JavaJunkie View Post
Your kids may have a mild case, but a child who catches it from yours may not be so lucky. It can get really bad in some cases. I'd keep them home this weekend.
Totally agree with this post. Some kids really react terribly to HFM and others, no biggie, but IMO it's not ethical to take them out knowing that they could expose other kiddos to a highly contagious virus.
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