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Newer siggs, liner chipping

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right where the cap screws on. Should I stop using these? Add this to their 'our bpa doesn't leach' fiasco, and I'm just done with Sigg. I shouldn't even have wasted my time exchanging the bottles during the recall.
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DH's is doing the same thing. So far mine and DS's are okay, but I'm glad the rest of our bottles are Klean Kanteens. The only reason we have any Siggs is that they were replaced for free due to the BPA fiasco. I would never buy another one, especially seeing the lining coming apart now.
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Me too...all around! I have emailed them and they haven't responded! Very annoying!
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All of DD's are doing the same thing. The lining in the threaded area is chipping/peeling away. These bottles aren't even in heavy use and are only ever filled with water!
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The same thing happened with one of the two bottles that were replaced after the recall. I thought it was just a fluke b/c my ds's bottle was fine and dd's was chipped around the opening, as well as around the bottom edges.

I emailed the company and they asked me to email them photos of the damaged bottle. Once I did that, they sent me a return label and replaced the bottle for free.

Again, ds's Sigg is still fine. We just received a new bottle for dd this week. HTH.
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