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Tell me this isn't anything to worry about?

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Last night I went to the bathroom, wiped and had the tinniest bit of barely brown, more yellowy, colored mucous. Looked down in the toilet and there was a few tiny tiny pieces of what looked like tissue at the bottom. Today I wiped and there was the same mucous tinged a tiny bit darker brown/yellow, but nothing else. I did experience a sharp pain in my lower abdomen on the right side, but I can't remember if it was before or after the bathroom experience. Have had period type cramps since day one, but they have gotten better in the last couple weeks. Anyone else doing this or have done this in the past with healthy pg? I had a mc back in march of this year and am praying to God that I don't lose this one too. Oh duh...I will be 7 weeks this Monday.
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DDCC - If I remember correctly you've been waiting for this little one for awhile

I'm 13 weeks now and while I don't so much get the brown mucous, I do have a lot of yellow mucous, in much larger quantities than EW when I'm ovulating. The cramping has mostly stopped but it went on through about 10 weeks and I had a lot of lower back-pain around weeks 6-8 as well.
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I had a ton of cramping during the first trimester and had one day where I had brown blood. I was scared to death and sure I was going to lose the baby. I was 7 weeks at that time and when I called my Dr. they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. Everything was normal and I didn't have anymore bleeding after that. I have had lots of mucous with this pregnancy as well and it has been a yellowish color many times (gross). I know it is hard not to worry but I just wanted to let you know I have had some similar things happen and am close to the end with a healthy pregnancy. Try and stay positive!! Oh I also saw some little bits in the toilet that looked like tissue around the time I had the brown bleeding. I am not sure if it was actually tissue or some other mystery substance but whatever it was ended up not being a problem. I will be sending postive thoughts your way, good luck
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I had similar spotting around 7 weeks with DD2. It lasted for a day or two and then went away. And I was bf'ing DD1 which caused a LOT of cramping until about 9 weeks.

I wouldn't worry. s
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Thank you so so much! That all makes me feel better!
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I haven't had any brown stuff, but plenty of yellow. Also, when I gave a urine sample at the midwives there was some weird tissuey looking stuff floating in it, so what you saw may not have been vaginal...
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It's so hard not to worry! I know how you feel. I had some of that last week and then it went away. I was reassured since it was brown tinged CM (old blood) and I read everywhere that it is TOTALLY normal. I even had some light bleeding with DS around 10wks that scared me, but that was fine too and he's now 16mo.

It's good to hear stories from others, but I know how hard it is not to think, well what if it turns into something else? You anxiously check everytime you wipe...normal anxiety!
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brown spotting is almost never a cause for concern if it stays just brown and mucusy. It could be from sex, even if it wasn't recent. I had the crampiness, too- 7w1d now and its subsiding a little bit. Also, in the past day or 2 I have had a couple of sharp pulling type pains on right/left side. They hurt but go away quickly I think its just 'growing pain' type thing.

This early part is SOOO stressful. Much easier when these babes start moving around and we can be reassured by that. We'll be there soon!
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For all those with yellow mucous, have your MW/OB check for group B strep. And, if it's positive, make sure they're giving you oral antibiotics throughout your pregnancy. I had gbs from 8 weeks on with ds that went untreated because my DRs said it was "common" and would be treated with IV antibiotics during labor... Well that's just not good enough. The infection got so bad that my water broke 5 weeks early. As a result, my ds spent a week in the NICU, had a spinal tap at 12 hrs old, and of course all of the other problems that come with being a premie. Most drs think it's no big deal but it is. I had a bad feeling and kept telling my dr and they said it was normal for someone with gbs to have the yellow mucous and it wasn't necessary to treat it until labor... L I A R S.... Ds was born with a fever and in critical condition because of the intense infection running rampant in his body. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else! If the infection is treated throughout pregnancy it will never be allowed to run rampant like that. I hope you ladies get it checked and that it's nothing. And if you still have the yellow cm I would have it re-checked every so often. You have to be your own advocate and drs don't seem to think gbs is a big deal. Btw, same thing happened to a friend of mine with the gbs, but her ds was born at 38 weeks and ended up in the NIcUfor a month because both lungs collapsed because of the infection and all the other problems he had... Only thing wrong was that she had gbs. Just saying, make sure you get it treated. It's not a big deal if you're proactive about it! Sorry if I scared anyone, just don't want you going through what I went through!
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OK, all the people who are being reassuring are probably right. However: that's how my m/c started, with just a little bit of brown mucous that went away. It was a "missed miscarriage" that was diagnosed right afterwards, but I let nature take its course and the actual m/c didn't start for three weeks. Also, if you have continued pain in the side it could be a sign of ectopic too. If you feel worse or notice more, get it checked out. You probably have nothing to worry about though.
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My last 2 babies, now 2 and 5 months old, I had brown bleeding. Like it would pour out of me into the toilet then nothing. Then a few hours later it would happen again then nothing. I also had lots of creamy brown CM LOTS and ended up with many trips to the Dr because of this. I did this off and on until I was 13 weeks pregnant with each of them, and they are both happy and healthy. FTR, I did NOT do this with my other pregnancies. It is more common that people think also, about 30% of women bleed during a normal pregnancy.

I hope things continue to go well for you mama!!!
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I spotted (brownish mostly) one pregnancy from week 7-11. She's 5 now! And I mean spotting!!
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and advise. I will def have the dr check for gbs when I go in, I haven't been to one yet...I really don't want to be checked vaginally until well after 8 weeks. The spotting only happened those two times and stopped. I've felt fine, other than nausea, since then. I had a mc back in march of this year and it was bright red on day two of spotting, so I feel secure in that I'm not, did not, have a mc.
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I'm glad! Thanks for updating!
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Gbs can be determined through just checking your urine... If ur culture count is high enough it will show up in urine. But I would have them do the swab when u feel more comfortable too. Hope it's nothing! :-) glad to hear you're still with us!
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