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Did too good a job!

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Well still pregnant and got a small sinus cold the day my Dh arrived! I think I convinced my baby too well to stay put. I might actually make it to my due date. Not really having any contractions anymore, but man it hurts to walk. I have never had my groin muscles/labia hurt this bad! I look like an old lady hobbling. I need a vjj support belt. If I hold myself while walking it doesn't hurt, but looks like I need to go pee pee. Guess with being this far along the on lookers will just assume I do have to pee! What's one more look or one more comment anyway. Pretty much have numbed myself to the stares and comments.

I have six days to have the baby before my DH has to leave! You can come out now Baby we are all waiting and excited to meet you! It will be a regular party! Everything is ready!
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Sending ELVs your way and hope the baby decides to come out while his/her daddy is there to welcome her!
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