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Oh Crafty!((( hugs))) It wasn't until this thread that I've ever known anyone to have weeks of labor like me.My labor pains have never felt like the ones in the text books or websites either.Yay for being different!(Total TIC)
My first the pains started at 36 weeks and by 38 weeks I was scaring strangers at the grocery store because they were so strong and I had to stop and breathe.I went in at 39 weeks after my MIL and Grandmother had been timing me over the phone.They stopped by morning and I was sent home with false labor.I had gotten so tired of timing them that when I went in the day before my due date I just told the nurse this baby was coming since my water broke and I am not timing them anymore.
My second they started at 36 weeks but he was an induction.
My third they started at 32 weeks and I had her at 38 weeks.
My fourth started at 32 weeks and he may or may not have been overdue.He was according to U/S.I was tandem nursing and didn't know I was pregnant until 20 weeks with him and my LMP wouldn't have matched up.
This time it's been since 32 weeks and they have been nonstop for 3 days.I actually do feel like they are positioning the baby this time but man I just don't want to still be doing this for the next 4 weeks.
The part I call labor is when my water breaks, then I have very little time (20 minutes last time) before the baby gets here.I guess it makes up for the weeks of pains maybe.I also walk around for weeks dialated to a 4.
PS Crafty my babies never followed the baby books either, heads up.
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Same here on babies not following baby books.

And neither of them score average for their age on ANYTHING (except height/weight charts for DS... hes 50% both lol... DD is over 90% both, shes the height of a 7 year old and is only 5!)

Sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. DS was not putting weight on his legs until he was almost 10 months old. Most babies can/do that from the day they are born (if you support them correctly)

DD1 smiled in the delivery room (totally not gas! she was just born!) and DD2 we have seen smile already and shes not even BORN yet (yes I am aware she is probably not happy-smiling but nonetheless it blows the its-only-gas explanation out of the water.)
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Mae I think it must be a happy smile.I know mine is one happy squirmy little one, she's already resetting my household and she's not even out yet!
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When baby is finally coming I will probably be so in denial. Its already starting with the prodromal.

Oh, these cramps and backache are coming awfully often and getting more and more painful. Lets see how long it takes for them to totally disappear.
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Prodromal labor sucks!

It seems like most of us having prodromal labor aren't having our first child. Poor Crafty-you definitely got the short of end of the stick this pregnancy

But we can't be pregnant forever. It will all be over soon.
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for the record...

the answer was

3 hours from when I felt the first one

which is the shorted length of time Ive had painful ones yet!
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I have had prodromal labour with all my pregnancies. Sigh. I've been breathing through contrax all day. I am like the mama earlier who said she doesn't count labour until her water breaks. LOL! Then I know for sure!
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How in the world have I missed this thread???

Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
When baby is finally coming I will probably be so in denial. Its already starting with the prodromal.

Oh, these cramps and backache are coming awfully often and getting more and more painful. Lets see how long it takes for them to totally disappear.
I am so with you there. I told my mom and dh my fear, of having this baby while alone with ds. And they all did this:

Why? Because I 'better call them' when I start feeling like I'm in labor.


I went in at 30 weeks-ish to L&D because they were coming in so intensely for over an hour with no breaks in between. Changing position didn't change anything.

So how am I supposed to know? I'm not exactly going to make dh rush home from work for another false alarm, kwim?

Originally Posted by AnneCordelia View Post
I have had prodromal labour with all my pregnancies. Sigh. I've been breathing through contrax all day. I am like the mama earlier who said she doesn't count labour until her water breaks. LOL! Then I know for sure!
Lol, I am wondering if I'll be doing that too. Only problem is that my water doesn't break until pretty far in. So if it breaks, someone better be ready to catch!

With ds1, by the time I figured out I was in labor, it was 5min from delivery.

With ds2, the induction was insane. Forced to lay down the whole time, I got 'stuck' at a 4. Fought with them to sit up for one hour--4 to a 7. Then forced to lie back down due to 'monitoring issues'. And never progressed further.

Either way, if I stay upright during actual contractions, it will go fast. It did with ds1, it did with ds2, so maybe it will be true this time again. But with all these contractions coming and going--how will I *really* know. I mean, my pattern has been pretty intense regular ones for an hour or two, then they disappear for a few hours, then they come back for an hour or two...rinse, lather, repeat.

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hi ladies! I had a full 12 hours of contractions yesterday...

They started around 11, and were pretty far spread out. As the day progressed the closer they got together. Around 7 they picked up and were lasting about 40 seconds and were 3 minutes apart. We ran out to the farm to move some equipment before the rain hit, and they picked up on the dirt roads, lasting about 1 minute and with only 3 minutes in between. Every time I started thinking, maybe I should get back to town, I would get a nice clear, easy open window of 10 or so minutes with no pain or contractions. So we went to dinner with DPs family.

For the hour and a half we were there I was in constant, recurrent and evenly spaced "pain" but didn't let anyone besides DP know, since it had been happening all day and I didn't want anyone to get excited or nervous for no reason. On the way home we timed them. During the 45 minute drive they were lasting almost an entire minute with only 2-3 minutes spacing them. Oh, and FYI laughing made them so much more intense, so who ever said laughter is the best medicine wasn't having a contraction. DP was starting to get really excited, but I reminded him that I could talk through them, and the doctor said that we should wait until they are consistant for about 2 hours, so they weren't the real thing.

We got home at 11 last night. The contractions slowed down within a half hour and stalled out before I was in bed. I slept pretty good last night, only had four contractions that were strong enough to wake me up and if I turned over or stretched out more, they faded out. DP went on a 700 mile journey this morning, going to look at a harvester. Been awake for almost an hour and so far this morning I have had 3, but I think I will go back to bed for a while.

Just wanted to tell you brave, strong women, who have been going through this for days, weeks and months, how very PROUD I am of you! You hold yourselves together well! I can see how even just a few unproductive days of this could really drive a woman insane!
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BBM! In fact, all. Thanks ladies for re-assuring me that I'm not crazy and this labor *is real*. MDC has helped me so much this pregnancy, knowing that even with some of my wild card pregnancy stuff, I'm not alone and there is such a compassionate group of smart women for support.

I have also come to the conclusion that I won't know it's baby-getting time until my water breaks. With DH working in the remotest woods, I am lucky to have my mom staying with me. I do *not* want to be alone if Baby isgoing to come so quickly after r.o.m. so that is a load off my mind at least.

But OMG, can this baby come already? I can barely walk!
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woke up all through the night with contractions that I had to use my relaxation techniques for...

during each, my cervix would get really really pinchy...

still getting them a bit now, not quite as bad. so tired. feel so bad for DH because i know he woke up every time I did.
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I feel for you ladies! I'm convinced now that I don't/didn't have prodromal labor -- really not painful enough, and has mostly gone away now.

But, here's to lending you gals some support! It sounds really awful to go through so much!! Hang in there!
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You know whats fun?

Having an IBS attack on top of the prodromal...
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Octobers had a baby.

Ive been prodromal for well over a month now... strong and constant for a week and half... and October has a baby.

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I had to post on the prodromal thread after being awake all night with back labor for the third night over the last week. I didn't bother posting last weekend when I had a total of about 30 hours of prodromal back labor because I got into the chiropractor right after the holiday and he turned the baby from posterior and it stopped. I was fine all week and then last night baby turned posterior AGAIN and I was having contractions and back pain from midnight to 430am. I am so tired! Having a posterior baby is one of my biggest fears and I am seriously diligent with the Spinning Babies stuff so it is really upsetting that he keeps turning that way!

Anyway, wanted to whine. Otherwise, I am not really even feeling ready for baby. I am due on Saturday. Cleaning house AGAIN today just in case, though...
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Today is my EDD! YAY for a month of contrax. LOL! Yesterday they started first thing as soon as I woke at 7:30am and continued 3-5 min apart and lasting 45sec-1min until 3pm. Then they backed off to 10 min apart. LOL!

But, it won't be much longer now. I just hope they're doing good things for me!
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in tears.

due tomorrow. midwives offered to sweep my membranes since I am soooo exhausted from this strong prodromal for over 2 weeks now and guess what?


my cervix is nowhere near ready for even a membrane sweep. after TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS of strong contractions!!!!!

im never going to have this baby.
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MP! Sending lots of love your way. I know you are so ready.

ME TOO! and getting desperate at 41 + 5.

Just downed some castor oil and we'll see. Good luck all! Sending to all.
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I'm feeling for you guys, too. I've been having pretty good patterns almost daily since about 32 weeks. I'm 38 this week. Today I had hours of strong cx every 3 minutes, lasting a minute. All alone with my 4 small children, of course. I don't expect baby for about another 1-1.5 weeks. I'm getting very, very tired.

And MP you've made me SO glad I don't allow checks (I know that you weren't, just sayin') because I so don't want that same thing to happen and me be crying for days. Take some Rescue Remedy and lie down in front of your favorite mind-numbing TV show or movie. Try not to think about it. Assume it will be 2 more weeks, and make peace with it in your mind. That always makes me less anxious. I'm just hanging in there. I go about my days as though I'm only 32 weeks or so and pretend it will be quite a while before I have this baby. And I try to stay off the forums, because all of the women being so anxious about not having their babies yet, or all the women that have, just make me more anxious.

Lemme tell you, though, that even with my first I had this. I was checked at my 39 week appt, dilated to a 1 (dr was being generous). He said he'd see me at my next week's appt. 2 days later I had my baby. Just a reminder that it doesn't mean anything if you're already dilated (even if it makes you feel like these past weeks have been unecessary pain and anguish). Lack of dilation doesn't mean they're doing nothing. Keep your head up.
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Crafty, I am very impressed with you hanging in this long (I have somewhat of an idea of what it feels like- more than a week overdue in my last pregnancy). I hope you are rewarded with an amazing birth and that baby comes out without any major interventions. Good luck!
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