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I've had them coming ever 10-15 min apart for a few days so I tried some gentle nipple stim today and got them coming every 5 minutes. But, they haven't gotten stronger or done anything except get closer, which is more irritating than anything. LOL!
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After all the bouts with contractions I've had they pretty much stopped yesterday. My DH is soooo disappointed. He's more impatient that me. He packed the hospital bag last night despite me having ZERO signs of labor. He knows sex helps and is constantly pushing me to have sex even though I have NO DESIRE!! He finally backed off last night when I looked at him and said I'm 37 weeks and already making progress, BACK OFF, the baby will come when he comes! lol! He's been much nicer today.

I know he just wants to meet his baby that all...
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I think I'm joining the club! Been having uncomfortable but mild contrax for an hour and a half now that I have noticed, anywhere from 4-10 minutes apart. Can't sleep so I moved down to the birth ball, and they're not coming as frequently as they were lying in bed. Hopefully they stop so I can get some sleep!
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Originally Posted by PinkBunch View Post
I think I'm joining the club! Been having uncomfortable but mild contrax for an hour and a half now that I have noticed, anywhere from 4-10 minutes apart. Can't sleep so I moved down to the birth ball, and they're not coming as frequently as they were lying in bed. Hopefully they stop so I can get some sleep!
This is me tonight too, combined with on ongoing lower backache. I hope that it stops or else picks up because the in between is challenging.
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Did yours stop Alison? I had one barely-noticeable one after I got vertical, so I went to bed, had one more good one and fell asleep.
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Yep. Mine stopped enough for me to fall asleep not long after that for a couple of hours.

I suppose it's just as well. I have a presentation at the local early years center today promoting a book that 7 other Moms and I wrote together. Then tonight I am facillitting the local babywearing meeting like I do every other Thursday. So I will be busy at least.
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Ugh... rough night last night. Bad contractions from about 8 to 11, I was suspecting something was really doing, packed the bag and did an emergency load of wash. Then followed the midwives advice and had a half a glass of wine and went to bed. Everything stopped. DH has a four day weekend starting tomorrow, and DD starts school Tuesday, so this would be a great weekend! But realisitcally, I went to 41w4d and 40w exactly, so I'm assuming I've got at least a full week to go!
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yeah mine went away while i slept last night and came back this morning.

yay me.

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Originally Posted by ilovemyavery View Post
Then followed the midwives advice and had a half a glass of wine and went to bed.
I was thinking about doing this as well--but I had no Tums, and my tummy wouldn't have taken it!

I feel you--I definitely have made it to/past my EDD both times so far. Why would this time be different??
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I think im gonna make DH buy me a nice bottle of wine tonight.
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I never said it was a 'nice' bottle I got a $5 bottle at the grocery yesterday! Hee!!
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lol yeah but ive been dealing with this crap so long Im pretty sure I can get a nice bottle out of him!
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I spent $8... but it did make them stop, as the midwives said it likely would if it wasn't the real thing. I did need the tums though PinkBunch, so that was probably a good call!
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Mine has slowed down a bit. It's not as constant and they aren't as painful. I have contractions all day but either I've stopped paying much attention to them or they aren't coming in a regular pattern as often as they were.

My midwife said that cal/mag supplements will help calm an irritable uterus. Just a suggestion for anyone interested.
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Had a VERY good glass of wine with supper. So much so that I was sad when it was gone. Not often I find a wine that good.

Didn't get rid of the contractions. They aren't getting stronger. All it did was make me not really care about them as much for a short while.

Also had some eggplant Parmesan which cured my craving for fried tomatoes.

And bought Maes baby book like Ive been wanting to.

And finally got my Chocolate Therapy from Ben and Jerrys like Ive wanted for a month!

Going to bed now, backs hurting from walking all day (went to the aquarium and then to the mall!)

No birthday baby for me.
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Mae-Sounds like a fabulous birthday all around! Though I can't believe you did that after going to the aquarium and the mall. I get out of breath just walking from one end of the house to the other. I've truly been a slug for the latter half of this pregnancy.
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Ive had a lot more energy last night and today than Ive had in a while. Had the opportunity to sleep in this morning and was voluntarily out of bed before 9am. Not normal for me. I mean... the day before yesterday I slept the entire time the kids and DH were at work/school. Yesterday though, I chilled on here the 2 hours I was alone and then DH and I went for a walk.

And the odd part is... I have SPD but it didnt hurt so much today until I stopped!
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Last night I was having some contractions.... DH gave me a back rub... and then I got sick. I vomited with very little warning, and seemingly for no reason. I've been flush, having hot flashes, more contractions, etc... (no fever, not sick). I read on-line many of these things can come as hormones start to change again to get ready for birth. I'm hoping this means the little guy is coming soon. I don't want to puke needlessly!
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Does anyone else feel like this is total psychological warfare? I thought that maybe reading more about pro-dromal from various sites online would help me feel re-assured about mine, but all it's made me do is think: what in the &^&^*^R$@!@!@!!@ is wrong with me?!

I *have* had longer, stronger, closer together contractions, not just "intense Braxton Hicks." So strong I thought they were ripping me apart. They last for hours and they start in my back and wrap around.

A lot of definitions have p-d lasting "up to 20 hours." WHAT? 2 weeks anyone?

I am getting okay sleep most nights (not tonight though, as I am typing this at 4:45 a.m.) aside from my constant pee breaks, but I am getting so, so frustrated and exhausted with my PAINFUL contractions. My mom is an experienced L&D nurse and even she says, judging by the sounds I make and the signs my body gives off, I am in active, true, honest-to-gosh labor.

But I have no baby to show for it. Ladies, help. This pregnancy has been from heck almost from the very first intensely nausea-filled day and it seems like between prolonged nausea, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, PUPPP, and God knows what else my brain is too overwrought to remember right now, it will be to the bitter end. Well, hopefully the end is the good part...
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a lot of sources aint got a clue what prodromal is or how it is.

some think its merely braxton hicks. Its not.

some think its early labor... its not. Granted early labor is the closest thing to it but it is an extended early labor and it can last a REALLY long time (mine started at the beginning of AUGUST this time!!! its been over a month and it sure as heck is not going away!)

And I agree on the frustration of... oh they wont be painful or close together.

Really? So wtf was the every-3-minutes-lasting-45-seconds making me try my hardest to find a comfortable position I was dealing with last night? Sure as heck wasn't active labor, I don't have a baby in my arms and it has tapered back off to the 7 to 8 minutes apart tight pressure ones.

Seriously... how do you know its prodromal? Prodromal does not end up with a baby in your arms within a decent amount of hours (and while it does not go completely away it does fade back out) thats the only way I can think of to differentiate between prodromal and real labor... but when you are in the moment, how do you know? Baths dont make it go away, walking doesnt make it go away, wine doesnt make it go away...

But what bothers me is... how am i going to know when its REAL labor? because Im on day 6 of "REAL labor" every night that is not doing ANYTHING.

Am i going to know its real when Im in transition and its way too late to call my midwives?

And yeah, I fear that somethings wrong too. Is baby in a bad position and we dont know it? Every check they say she is right but I feel her hiccups on my hip rather than my cervix, does that mean maybe she tilts to the side between checks?
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