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2WW fail & EPT result question

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So we did our first attempt at insemination this month & we're really impatient so we haven't even made it to our full 2ww yet, but we tested tonight & got a weird result... We took an EPT test with the +/- outcome and the control line came up and the horizontal line came up right away & then like 5 tiny blue dots came up above the horizontal line where the top positive line would be... none beneath... Calm my nerves... was this just a faulty test, or could we have just tested too early & got a slight positive?
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Just followed this from the front page...there are many posts about the faultiness of blue dye tests and I figure yours was blue dye because *most* EPT tests are. So, I hate to say this but you'll have to get a pink dye test to know for sure. I have gotten + tests on blue dyes and not been the slightest bit pregnant.

I'd highly recommend getting a First Response Early Response test. They are great and very reliable early. Let us know how it goes! I'm excited for you!!!

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I second the FRER suggestion--much more reliable. And they can detect lower levels of HCG than the EPT. So if the EPT is detecting the slightest bit of HCG, the FRER should show a more definitive line.

Good luck!
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I agree with what has been said but having said that the same thing happened before I got my real BFP, so you never know. Crossing everything for you!!!!
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I am dying for an update! Please!

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