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International Travel and Hygiene

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Despite showering right before my 13+hour flight, I always look as though I haven't showered in weeks. I normally wash my hair every other day or two days and for some reason during international travel, my hair becomes super greasy and stringy and unsightly. I notice other people from my flight as we de-board and their hair is nicely styled, clothes aren't wrinkled, they look nice even after such a long flight. Does any one know of any products I could use while on the plane to keep myself looking somewhat presentable? I don't mind either if they aren't all natural, I'm just so tired of looking like I haven't seen a shower in weeks when I reach my destination. How do people look good after international travel!?
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You've described me after any flight. I don't know how people do it either. My hair gets limp, my skin gets all blotchy, clothes look like I've worn them for 3 days. I don't sleep on the plane either! I just sit there and read so how can I look that bad? *sigh*

I've tried bringing contacts and cosmetics and doing a touch up before landing and it helps....a little.

Looking forward to hearing travel tips!
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Ugh. I'm like that too.
I always bring a pretty scarf, and a face cloth, deodorant, cover up, toothbrush, lip balm and fresh underwear. Sometimes I tuck a little bottle of ctirus eo (sweet orange or bergamot, but usually orange becoause the bergamot can be a little strong) in my bag too, and just dab a drop behind my ear. Bring a ziplock bag to put the facecloth in afterwards. Shortly before we land, I beline it to the bathroom and wash my face, and anywhere else that feels cruddy, with cold water. Brush teeth, reapply other stuff, and tie my hair up in the scarf. I still feel sort of scummy in the hair department, but everything else feels not too bad, and the scarf hides the yuck while also adding pretty. Win win situation.
That's my strategy. I don't know if it would work for you, but it might be worth a try. I also tell myself that the other people must also FEEL scummy, but they don't LOOK scummy, so I'm likely in the same boat. We're always more cirtical of ourselves than we are of anyone else.
Now, don't ask me about the time dd had sudden onset flu/vomiting on the first of three consecutive flights. By the time we got home (February in Canada - it was NOT warm), she was naked and I was COVERED in puke. I would have been naked too, if such a thing was acceptable. Mortifying. And, I felt like the world's worst mom. We were definitely looking (and smelling!)scummy. Uber-scummy.
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Christymarie, I just read too, and hardly sleep which I'm sure doesn't help since while the international flight is 13 hours the entire travel time is usually close 24 hours and once was 24 hours

Selkat, Im so so soo sorry to hear that you went through three flights with a sick child! I can't imagine.

I emailed Lush, they have awesome customer service btw, and I got a very personal email pertaining to my issues of breaking out and greasy yucky hair, they suggested three products for me to try: Dusting Powders, Tea Tree Toning Water, and their Grease Lightning Cleanser

I'm going to purchase these this weekend and try them out on my flight next weekend. I'll let you know how well they work when I'm done flying
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