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To do before baby!?

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So now that we all have 10 weeks or less until our little ones arrive. What is still on your to do list.
  • Get a new memory card for the camera and a extra charged battery ready to go
  • organize clothes for the baby
  • organize two sizes of cloth diapers and the changing table
  • get birth supplies laid out and ready
  • pack just in case hospital bag
  • pick out a birth playlist

Whats on your to do list?
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  • paint DD1's room
  • wash and organize baby clothes
  • wash and organize DD1's fall clothes
  • clean basement closet
  • clean out living room closet
  • wash cupboards
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I'm off from work this week coming up and we still have a few cleaning/organizing tasks to tackle

-scrub entire kitchen (including a much needed fridge/freezer clean-out)
-thorough scrubbing of bathtub (my attempts have been very weak, this will be DH's job)

-buy some new sheets and towels (thay way we can use some old ones for the home birth)
-buy new shower curtain (ditto above)
-gather home birth supplies (doing this at around 37 weeks as I must birth in the hospital prior to that anyway)
-check out the thrift store for receiving blankets and wash (for birth)
-plan snacks and drinks for birth team
-make a list for hospital bag
-make a playlist for birth (maybe)

My baby shower isn't until Sep. 11 and I have been holding out on buying anything until then. We'll have to buy whatever is still needed after the shower. Wash clothing, diapers, set up co-sleeper. I'm glad my last day of work is Sep. 17th!

Some things I'd like to do before baby comes but may not happen:
-buy new table and chairs
-replace some of our rugs
-buy a wardrobe for the bedroom
-buy a new vacuum

Yikes...it seems like a lot, but I'm not panicking (yet!)
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Oh and Harmony, you reminded me. We want to buy a new camera before baby gets here. We were looking at some yesterday.
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I have been organizing like a mad woman the past two weeks. Right now all I have on my to-do list is:
  • Order homebirth supplies (should only take 1 day to get here)
  • Scrub house from top to bottom
  • Find a good, second-hand swing/bouncer to keep in the kitchen
  • Go on a movie date with DH (because I know it will be at least a year...or two...before we can go to the movies again)
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Let's see
  • Finish sewing another 4-5 fitted diapers.
  • Organize diapers.
  • Buy more baskets to go in cubby shelves for stuff storage.
  • Organize the kids' dresser to make room for the baby's stuff.
  • Finish putting all the birth kit stuff in one place (and familiarize DH with where everything is ... VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Stock freezer and pantry with food and snacks for everyone during labor.
  • Do the carseat switcharoo and install one of the baby's convertible seats in my car.
  • Pack a hospital transfer bag (I never actually finished doing this with DS).
  • Arrange to pick up my old baby stuff from our friend -- I think she has our co-sleepr, snap'n'go stroller, and a couple other things.

I'm sure I've forgotten a couple of things.
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I'll start by being strengths oriented and saying what we have finished. Room is painted and set up. I have assembled all the gender-neutral 0-6mth clothes, and have more than enough nb/ small diapers. I actually have a huge to-do list, but I think we are making reasonable progress. I hope to
wash and store diapers, baby clothing, baby bedding
learn how to use ergo
pack labor bag, hospital bag
Make halloween costumes
Cook freezer meals
Make the seasonal clothing switch
Scrub the kitchen, clean the floors
Mount hooks for backpacks and coats in our mudroom
As time allows: do as much holiday prep as possible.
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I don't really want to think about my To Do list at this point... me and the kids just moved across country so I think my goal for this month is just to get our stuff organized... then I can deal with all the baby stuff!
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Uggh, I have so much to do! I don't even want to list it all
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My to do list is everevolving.

*finish painting entryway
*buy more cloth diapers
*buy baskets for cloth diapers to go on diaper table
*buy diaper pad cover for table upstairs
*buy glider and ottomon
*clean out baby room to make room for glider and ottomon
*buy a night stand table for baby room
*clean off dining room table
*move girls dresser into landing area (no room in their room with 2 beds)
*organize dresser in baby room for baby's clothes, diapers, ect.)
*move baby girl's dresser into baby room closet
*wash and vacuum truck
*order hose attachment for vacuum so I can vacuum truck

There will be more to do once it gets closer to Halloween. I'll decorate, move things around, ect. Fun, Fun.
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Oh, you totally reminded me! I need to buy a knit wrap and maybe a new native. I have two ring slings, a hotsling, a mei tai, and a pikkolo, but no wraps!
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*learn how to use the Storch wrap I bought. LOL.
*find a glider/ottoman and figure out a place to use it.
* move all of DD's toys and get a dresser for the little guy's clothes
* NB cloth diapers.
*NB sleepers
*start work (the 30th of August!)
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well I pretty much finished all the "big" shopping so far, I just need to order another stroller. But I have some time on that one. I pretty much done with buying clothing, well except for all the cute little things I keep finding But I havent washed anything up. I did start prepping our newer cloth diapers and still waiting for my other motherease to get here. Im basically on a nesting spree....and my "honey do list" has become a book

1. totally cleaning house top to bottom, cleaned all throw rugs in the house today

2. go thru kitchen cupboards and declutter

3. finish up my cassserole/soup stash for freezer

4. start getting my to pack list writeen up.

5. Finish up all outside projects...weeding clearing out flower beds and such.

I have like a billion more but basically its all household stuff as I want the house clean and in order for whne the baby comes also in case we have people come over I wont be "dont mind the 10 baskets of laundry" (literally we had 10 baskets of laundry that needed to be put away
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Yeah, I still need to get a packing list going on what I want to bring with me to hospital. I still have 4 weeks to get it done.
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- Get back on track and finish hypnobabies home study!!!
- finish buying odds and ends for baby
- wash and organize clothes and diapers
- hang blinds & decorate walls in nursery
- pack hospital bag
- get ds his "big brother" shirt and gift from us
- attempt to cook some freezer meals
- learn how to use the wrap I've got coming
- install carseat & teach dh how to use it
- get pics off camera to free up memory card and make sure it's charged
- get baby an Alabama outfit since he'll be born right during football season - roll tide!
- finish birth plan
- meet with doula for birth rehersal

I think that's it ...
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Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
Uggh, I have so much to do! I don't even want to list it all
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- buy birth kit
- buy thriftstore sheets and towels
- buy bookshelf and assemble
- buy carseat and have a tech teach how to install it
- buy pack n' play
- buy diaper bag
- buy curtain and wall hanging material and sew
- finish cloth diaper stash
- paint 3 small pieces of furniture
- wash and put away all clothes and diapers
- attend 5 more weeks of childbirth classes
- car shop and see if we can get a good deal for trade in
- pregnancy photo shoot on 9/19
- attend our blessingway on 10/10
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O geez, I was avoiding thinking about this, but its probably time to make the list

wash/organize baby clothes
buy diaper detergent and wash diapers
buy newborn and small diaper covers (gave old ones away cause they irritated DD's skin)
Take the junk drawer stuff out of top drawer of babies dresser and closet
Make and freeze food
Decide on and buy gift for DD from baby
Finish sewing a few things for baby
Make sure my mom is going to be available to keep DD while we're hospital
Give the house a good once over cleaning wise

and the dreaded one:
Organize DD's toys and get ones that are a choking hazard out of reach
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*find our homebirth/big brother books and actually start preparing kids for birth and a new sibling
*get a new camera (we lost ours)
*birth supplies
*newborn diapers/clothes taken out and washed... and find somewhere to put them.
*decide who to invite to the birth... we'll have mw and apprentice, not sure if we'll invite anyone else. Might ask my mom to be on call for the kids. Debating on a birth photographer.
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