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Thanks P&H... I actually just took DD to my mom's house (20 miles south, in the a/c in the car where she finally slept for at least a few more minutes) for a few hours, so that I can work/ nap/ just have some time to myself. And I caught myself in the midst of all of this crummy thinking on the drive down and now am working to switching it around to things like:
"I am so grateful that S's development is right where it should be, and I'm taking the 19 week regression as a sign that she's healthy and smart"
"I will sleep again, but I won't have an 18.5 week old baby again, so I will try to make the best of it"
"I will ask for all of the help I can BEFORE I fall apart, so that I wont fall apart this time"
"I will cut out anything that's unnecessary on the days that I'm exhausted, hunker down to just get through, and I won't judge myself."

Sorry about those of you and your DH's having a hard time with work... man, do I ever wish we lived in one of those new-parent-friendly countries with lots and lots of maternity and paternity time!

Or a tropical island... I'll even take The Island from Lost at this point...
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We drove down to Celebration, FL to meet up with another, semi-local Montessori homeschooling mom. It's about an hour drive, so planned to leave at 9am, Sprout's morning nap time, so he'd nap on the drive.

Well, he was up at 6am instead of 7am. So he was totally grumpy and exhausted by the time we were to leave. I figured he'd just sleep better, and maybe even transition into the Beco when there. Nope. He woke up 30 minutes into the drive and was really grouchy by the time we arrived.

Figured we'd walk around, meet up with the family, have lunch, Sprout would hang out in the Beco with DH and take his midday nap. But apparently, the world is too exciting now. He wouldn't conk out, and was up for over 3 hours again!

Fine. We headed out a little earlier than planned so he'd nap on the drive home. Again, he only slept for 30 minutes!!

I can't believe he's out of the sleep-anywhere phase already.
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I have to do my last run in week 1 of my Couch to 5k program tomorrow. I DON'T WANNA!

Baptismal records are sorted out (thank GOD) so Mercy will be Christian soon. Maybe she'll sleep better after the devil is driven out of her? I can hope, at least!
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Oh, and for the record? If anyone saw the bagel fiasco on my FB, I'm really embarrassed and apologize for it. I just also can't exactly call out my mom for being a crazy conspiracy theorist. Who knew bagels could be so controversial?!
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I had to go look for the bagel thing. Didn't look that bad to me...of course my page gets some interesting...umm...discussions. Anyone remember the spanking debate? Ai.

R was horrible for dh. She SCREAMED for a half hour before I finally arrived. It was awful. She clung to my finger the whole time she nursed and stared up at me like she was afraid I was going to disappear. I just don't know what to do. She loves her dad and he's awesome so I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. I can't quit my job because it would mess up my department and mess up my chances of ever working there again. I can't take her with me. I've debated trying to give her formula because dd1 wouldn't take breastmilk from a bottle but would take formula.

She was extra fussy with me here as well though so maybe it's something she's going through? Now she's laying in my lap all fat and delish. I know she'll be up from 6 on nursing every 20 minutes. I promised the other kids we'd go to the big children's library here and then I have to go shopping. What I really want to plan is a nice long nap.
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i have so many things i want to reply to but have forgotten most of it already.
jess~ maybe the routine is to long? she doesn't know that something is next yet so having a routine probably just makes it seem like you are never going to put ME TO SLEEP (in her mind). i wait till R gives me those sleepy ques and if your dd doesn't do a lot of cues maybe timing her would work better but i don't let it go very far but its also not tied to the clock ALONE. its hard to figure out exactly what works for what child but i thought i'd throw in my .02 also about the finger sucking...are you just sticking your fingers in her mouth? maybe let her grab your finger and help guide your bit of finger in her mouth WITH her fist. will get her to eventually bring her fist over you no show finger to her mouth and she'll start chewing on her own knuckles and you can slowly get your finger out of her fist?

jen~ sounds like a rough day but still had fun.

P&H~ R is good in the bucket. he LOVES to look at everything going on...lately he is way more happy there than at home!

lots of kids~ i really got to see the differences when i had bf's kids for the summer. yes REALLy its easier to take care of a gaggle than 2! the oldest entertained the baby endlessly..it was like the mall right in our own home! also the oldest was in the stage of KNOWING how to help...was able to teach the other 2 oldest how to do things and THEY wanted to help. also you can give them chores! also i cooked better lunches. i could never master good cooking with SMALL cooking so making breakfast lunch and dinner for an army is MUCH easier...plus i ate warm food cause the kids scarfed theirs down and entertained R!

ivy~ hugs for the bike. i keep wondering what its like to be KIDLESS..i can experience occasionally but started having kids at 19 so its hard to know anything else! besides being older and spending all that extra money on ourselves is way better than being young and nearly broke trying to spend it on ourselves.

erica~ i had (have?) a hard time bonding with ds1. he is just...exactly me in this male form and it irritates the bejesus out of me! KWIM? J isn't old enough to really see that of course but i wouldn't be worried that there is something WRONG...just know that i had a boy first and am still trying to sort it out. i feel like we'll have some hard years and not really click for a long time but i'm there for the long haul!

ginger~ if i understand correctly U just started seizures while we were pg? and you're feeling now that you are finally creating a bond? i'm not glad that it took so long of course but its comforting to know that a great mom like yourself even feels the doubts and has the same feelings.

AFM: i think i have allergies again. i keep forgetting thats very possible (never had them before!). i think thats why i was sick this weekend. ugh. horrible. thankfully bf let me sleep most of sunday to try and help.
R is still going at this horrible teething...its less than it was saterday (cry all day!) but he's still not himself without a good does of motrin. i hate giving him meds around the clock but oh the crying...it was just a constant fuss. he is still screaming out in his sleep. i hope it stops soon..i don't care if it pops through or not just stop the pain!

also if anyone will give me an honest opinion. my mom viewed some photos of R of more recent date and although he is in no way small or underfed she did say that he looked a little thinner than a baby should. i have been struggling with the "not making enough milk" debate in my head. i made cookies and have upped r's feedings especially at night to try and make more milk but it doesn't seem to be working. i am hesitant to take anything stronger as i don't want my body to be saying "IM TAXED CAN"T MAKE MORE MILK" and me go and make it make more milk (thereby taxing it more). do you think R looks just a bit thin? his cheeks aren't as chunky as they might look, they are nowhere near many of your babies and i generally grew chunkier babies than this (or they looked that way). then again it could be all in my head and he just has his dads lean and strong build! gah! driving myself batty.
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and we got the notice for closure of our ddc time to make that thread in LWAB
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We had a good run here ladies! I'm so, so, so thankful that we had this space, and that you've all stuck around. Let's keep the party going!

Thanks for all the about the bike. it's really such a silly thing, but brought out those ugly feeling we all have to process I guess. Sometimes I jsut want to lay down like a toddler and yell "BUT I WANT IT", but then i have to put on my big girl undies and deal.

I spent the afternoon in a meeting to get http://www.bloomspokane.com/ of the ground as a nonprofit. As "small town" as my area can be, the tide is turning, and this is a great new resource in our area. I love being on the ground floor of it, but also know I do not have the energy or time to really devote to it. Someday, someday, i will be the EO of a nonprofit, and ride my shiny blue bike to all the meetings...
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Danielle- Campbell was a skinny baby until she was 2. Everyone said she wasn't getting enough, but I knew she was. I mean at 1yr she weighed 12lbs, seriously.
J's Dr. doesn't have high expectations for him. Of course he is taking a bottle and he was preemie, but still he is on the small side.

My friends daughter was a complete chunk. I mean 20lbs by 6 months old. Her son on the other hand, 2nd born, was 14.5lbs at 6 months and no sign of fat anywhere on him period.

I think every baby varies. I would trust your body. Stressing can decrease your milk supply. As long as you nurse nurse nurse your body will make what Reeve needs based on his feeding cues. I strongly believe in our bodies. I could always tell when Campbell was going through a growth spurt cause I would produce more than average and leak.
As long as he is doing good in all areas, meeting milestones and so forth I wouldn't worry too much.
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Well, guys, I guess I'm ready to head to LWAB. We're only talking in the weekly thread, really, anyway. P+H, you around to start the new thread in LWAB?

Everybody's coming, right? nikirj, wasn't it you who said you might not come over? Please do! You don't have to read any of the other threads, just ours.
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Danielle- I think R looks just fine. If you look at the pictures of him with Cecilia, he's considerably bigger than C. I mean, we know C is relatively small herself, but she's not anywhere near too small. Which makes R definitely not too small. He looks like a normal baby. I think so many babies these days are super chunks (i have no idea why) that it makes 50th percentile type babies look tiny. Everyone comments on how very tiny L is, but she's 50th for height and weight and 75th for head!

DDC closing- sad! At least they forgot about us for an extra month! The May DDC is closing, too. And usually they close a DDC once their corresponding month from the next year opens- and they just opened May. So we were definitely forgotten about!

I know that things are going to be pretty much exactly the same in LWAB, but it still makes me sad. I've been on this DDC since August 2nd, 2009! Well over a year ago!
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My good friend (Carhootel on MDC) says we should should have a virtual farewell party.

I'm off to start that thread!
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NOT FAIR! I don't want them to take our DDC!
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I think I'm going to write up a brief, placeholder birth story and make a post here and x-posted to Birth Stories so that my birth story is still linked here. That way I can go back and edit to include more when I'm ready to tell the full story, but it's still part of this community, as it should be.
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Yeah, that was me that wasn't going to come over. It's also good for my own time management purposes; if I have too many boards to check, I wind up sitting at the computer for longer chunks of time just flipping through them and seeing if there are updates, when I should really get off my rear and accomplish something. It's seriously tempting to bookmark our threads on LWAB, but I'm going to say goodbye to MDC for a while now I think. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's blogs and FB status updates, though .

Before we close down - Ericka, I had one child that wanted ME (or DH) and ONLY ME (or DH). The other three have been more generous with their attentions and attachments. I don't think that kids need to be all *you are my world 100%!!!!!* to be appropriately attached; I felt really strongly bonded to my generous-with-their-attentions babies and they did to me, too. In fact, I LIKE that my kids are attached to me and to my DH and to their grandparents and to our friends and to the lady at the Y. I also had a child that had colic and a bout with PPD, and those things screwed up my bonding compared with the times when I didn't have any of those problems...but as the kids grew, it isn't like I look at them and feel any less love for one over the other. I don't know...bonding and attachment are such complex things and it's so hard to put a finger on why we feel like they're interrupted, much less describe what that feels like.
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Danielle: I don't think it was that I didn't feel bonded or attached but that I kept something in reserve. I did this with everyone I loved. I felt like I let go totally I would lose them (yeah lots of issues going on here). So I made a decision the summer I got pregnant that I would love without reserve. And then four months later I thought my son was on the floor dying. It almost killed me. I felt my heart breaking. It was so hard afterward to keep loving with that abandonment.

And frankly I can feel that reserve gone with R and ways I didn't with the others. But boy is it hard to love like this.
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lots of babies are super chunks...i think it's formula. not just that they take a lot more cause the bottle flow is faster than (some) BF flow but that it's "fake" fat...i noticed at least with a friends FF baby he looks so fluffy and fat and yet isn't much heavier than R....

he is hitting milestones fantastically, he's happy (except for teething) and is doing great otherwise. actually i did notice last night that i was FULL of milk. he slept an extra 2ish hours than normal but even then i don't think i woulda been as full so the cookies must be working! or the constant nursing he's been doing

gtg~ yes on the intenseness. i didn't do a conscious thing though and it is happening easily with R whereas my other 2 still feel like they always have. they are my kids, i love them but the reckless abandonment of love for them isn't there like it is R...right now i'm trying not to stress about it...i'm still a new mom but i keep wondering if there's something wrong with me.
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as soon as i post here, i'm gonna do our new thread..... if charlie is still asleep

dhinderliter, what's R's length and weight? i'm wondering so i could compare it to charlie. he's not so fat either, and long for his weight. 25 1/2" long and 14 lbs. i've also read that teething can decrease a LO's appetite. seems like there's such a wide range of what's healthy for a baby, like others are saying, that to be BAD it would have to be extreme...

ivymae, it's so great that you and other people are investing in your community!

gtg, . i hope you get some rest. i bet rowena will adjust to being w/ her daddy more in a few days. you are doing everything you need to do.

jsh, yay for support!

afm, took charlie to a baseball game last night. he napped on daddy's lap from 8-9, then was up til we got home and in bed at 11:30! whoo, he was hard to get to sleep then - totally wired. but after trying 50 different things, he finally went from 60-0 in 15 seconds . he was more wiggly in the night, but slept an xtra hr past his normal wake time this morning, and is down for his second nap. i hope it's a long one ray
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serial posting to say.....


i welcome edits/suggestions
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I think I'm going to write up a brief, placeholder birth story and make a post here and x-posted to Birth Stories so that my birth story is still linked here. That way I can go back and edit to include more when I'm ready to tell the full story, but it's still part of this community, as it should be.
I think it would be awesome to have your birth story part of this place. And I hope that at least starting to write it helps you process a bit.
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