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when did you or will you allow ear piercing

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At what age did you or will you allow ear piercing? Or do you allow it at all?
DD is 3 and begging me to let her do it. I told her no because we don't have the money for it (which is true) but it raised the question of when WILL we allow it?
My mom made me wait until I was 6, My best friend had to wait until 18 and my sister did her baby's at 6 weeks. So I have seen a lot of variation on what is considered 'acceptable'.

So when did you allow it and how did it go?
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My dd had hers done at age six. She wanted them done for a while and she knew it would feel like a shot and what a shot feels like so I let her do it.
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DD was 2.5 when we got hers done. She asked consistently for more than six months. They were pierced one at a time and it was so important to her that she sat still for the second one even though the first one really hurt.

The only problem we've had is that her little brothers pulled on one pretty hard and did some damage. It has since healed up and she is very protective of them now. Same thing happened to me, but I was 14 years old!
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I let dd1 get hers done at 6, because that's when I had mine done. In retrospect, I should have waited a couple more years with her. It was a hassle to get her to clean them properly, and now they're almost closed up because she took them out for awhile but refuses to let me put them back in because it hurts (they aren't closed completely, just need a sharp jab to get them through). I don't think I'd let under 6 get them done at all.
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I got mine pierced when I was five, because that's when I asked for it. No problems.

My DS was ten when he asked to pierce his ear. He wore the earring for about six months before getting tired of it and taking it out. I don't know if the hole is still open or not (he's 15 now).

I disagree with piercing babies, and I think all decisions concerning modifications of a healthy body should be made by the individual. Other than that, I don't really understand the big deal that people make of it.
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DH and I weren't allowed to get any piercings until we were 13 and we've decided that sounds like a pretty good age to let our children do it (whatever nonsexual piercing). We know we don't want it done at some gun place, we'd like to have it done by a professional piercer. We spoke with our piercer about it and he said he doesn't really like to do kids under 10. . .he wants them to give consent and be able to clean/care for their piercings.
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I had mine pierced at 9, wore earrings semi-regularly for about 5 years after that and then basically never since then. If my DD is asking to have it done, I will take her to get them pierced when she gets her first period. So far she hasn't asked and she's 5 1/2. I hope she decides not to bother.
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I want to wait until DD can care for her ears herself. She's a responsible kid, but she's only 3... I had to really clean mine regularly as a kid, and be careful about my high end posts, etc. I'm thinking it could be a really nice way to commemorate turning 10, double digits, and all But she'll probably get glasses by then so we'll be able to see how she does with taking care of something like that... I'm still flexible about the exact age, I'm not saying anything definite to her yet.

I do see other 3yos with earrings, which DD thinks is AWESOME but I worry about them getting caught, or poking her while she sleeps, etc. Just seems a hassle. I'm sure we can find some over the ear pretend ones if she starts asking for them...
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We've told our daughter 13-- it seems like a nice way to celebrate becoming a teen, if that's what she wants.
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dd was begging since she was 2. at 3 i took her and asked her to talk to the person in hte shop (yeah i know).

when dd showed understanding about the pain and how to take care of her ears i went ahead and did it. i think she was either 3 1/2 or 4.

oh my poor baby. i think that was the first time she has ever discovered purposeful intense pain. her face turned red and she wept silently for a while. then she wiped her tears, sat up and said she was ready for the next ear.

i was sooo glad she got to pierce her ears. she looooooooooooves earrings. she loves tossing her head and watching her earrings twinkle. she still does. i watch her sometimes lost in thought playing with her earrings.
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DD had hers done at about age 5.5 It was just the start of the summer before she started school- so they were pretty wll healed before she started school. She had been asking consistently for a while at that point.

I still help her with them at 8.5, but she's very responsible about them- she just asks for help getting a new pair in because she's not great at feeling where the hole is. If I made her wait until she had that awareness though- she'd be at least 30. Cleaning etc she can do alone.
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Right around DD's 3rd birthday. She had been begging for more than 6 mos. at that point, so we took her. No regrets.

She was aware of the pain, and didn't even cry - though, she said yes, it hurt.

I know a lot of people say wait until they can clean them and take care of them, but really, all you have to do is swipe them a couple times a day and turn them. It's not a big deal, and takes all of a couple minutes total. At 3, my DD could help with it - but it wasn't a pain in my butt, or anything, to do it with/for her. And it only lasted for a few weeks, b/c they healed and didn't have to be messed with after that.

I agree with 2xy that piercing babies is inappropriate, but that once they can consent, it's not a big deal.

(OASN, at 9, my DD doesn't wear earrings, but I'm glad I let her have them done when she asked and understood what all it entailed. I saw no reason to set an arbitrary age limit, like my mom did.)
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i wil be the one doing piercing as i refuse to use gun and you have to be 16 to enter a tattoo parlor. i think a gift for first moon would be lovely. probably 13-14 for the boys as well. i did dh's ears last year
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My son's ear was pierced at a tattoo parlor. It's not illegal for minors to merely be present in a tattoo parlor. That's just "store policy". I went in and asked if they would pierce a 10yo's ear, and they made me an appointment. And most tattoo joints around here say that nobody under 18 is allowed in. That's mostly to deter people from bringing their toddlers in to run around while people are getting worked on. Sort of like how it's not illegal for a kid to enter a bar, but most bar owners don't allow kids into their private business. It's to cover their butts.

Anyway, my point is that a piercer who works at a tattoo parlor might very well do your child's ears for you.
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I had both my girls done at 3 months.. And they were done with proper piercing tools. At a piercing place..
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When they can take care of them on their own and they ask for them.
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I think my dd was 7 when she asked, and I thought she'd be able to keep them clean, so I let her get them. And she did keep them clean.
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13 or 14. I know that pediatricians around here will pierce baby's ears so I imagine they will pierce teenage ears, too. I think I would feel pretty good about that, or maybe at a tattoo parlor, definitely not at a mall store or anything like that.
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I was going to wait until dd got her period, but she has been asking pretty consistently for about 3 years now (she's 8).

Right now it is her big reward as part of a behavior mod program so we'll see when she gets it done.

I don't agree with piercing babies - they should have the choice about their own bodies. And dd's pediatrician does it so we'll be getting it done there.
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For us it's age 13. My dd is 14 now and we made a day of it-went shopping, out to lunch, picked out cute earrings, got her ears pierced. The biggest thing for me is yes, caring for it herself. I have enough to worry about. Sure it's not a huge deal to swipe the front and back each night, but really, it's also not a big deal to not have to worry about it either. So, 13 it is.

Really though, I don't think she's worn earrings in forever, I am not even sure that they are still open. I don't wear earrngs much either, because I seem to have developed a sensitivity and pretty much anything I put in my ears now irritates them. Not sure if dd has the same thing or not, but she's an athelete and as such, can't wear them to practice or games anyway so she just doesn't wear anything.
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