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Have you talked to your brother about what he likes about this church?  Or have you visited the church or sat in on the sunday school?  I think you might be surprised.  Not all Christian churches spend their time talking about hell and forcing conversion.  In fact, that is the opposite of what most churches that I have experienced do.  Not to say that there are not wacky churches, but I wouldn't rule out Christianity (and the benefits of finding a good group of people to spend time with) completely based on people who are missing the point.  I teach Sunday school for that age group and have for several years, the curriculum that we buy does not talk about Hell, nor do we push conversion on small children.  It is mostly bible stories, which are already part of our culture in many ways and it is not a bad thing to have some knowledge of them.  It think your child would appreciate it if you would go along and that way you could have some discussions about what is going on.  I also think that talking to your brother about his beliefs would be a good beneficial thing for your family.