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Clearing adult acne -- naturally

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I have always struggled with acne since puberty, except for while pregnant. Even when I was nursing more, it was less than it is now. But, here I am back with a broken out face, at almost 31. My skin is very sensitive, not oily. I currently wash it with Avalon Organic's Gel Cleanser and use rosewater as a very light moisturizer. I spot treat with a salicylic acid gel, but really wish I could find something else.

How can I clear up my skin with something listed as safe by the Environmental Work Group in their Skin Deep database?
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I've been using honey for about two weeks now, and my skin has been really clear. AND in that time I've stopped taking birth control, and gotten my period which I thought would absolutly wreck my skin like it usually does, but I got *one* itty bitty pimple, which didn't even get to the red and scary phase.
I'd say give it a shot, you probably already have honey in the house. Sometimes I make a runny paste with honey as baking soda for a light scrub too.
I don't even really need a moisturizer after.
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I don't know how natural is it but, glycolic acid has done absolute wonders for my skin. I've always struggled with acne but, over the past couple years it's gotten so much worse. The past month was the worst it's ever been on my chin. Nothing I did would get rid of it.

Then I read about glycolic acid and I decided to try it and it's made a world of difference. Everything is healing and going away, scars are fading, no new pimples etc...

I bought a product called something like skin souffle or some such by Alpha Hydrox. But, you can get straight glycolic acid from Amazon in varying stregnths.

I know dermatoligists recommend it for repairing skin damage.
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Oh durnit! The innerwebz ate my reply. ok, here's the short version:

1. Test for food sensitivities

2. Exfoliate. Glycolic acid is usually the most effective with acne. A peel once a week for 3-6 weeks is typical, then down to once a month or perhaps less

3. Make sure your daily cleanse is super gentle. Squeaky clean is too clean, especially for sensitive skin. It strips away your natural protective barrier. A deeper clean now and then is fine, like with a glycolic peel.

I hope you find something that works for you. I understand the frustration and even the physical pain that comes with adult acne
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After looking up glycolic acid, it really is a last resort for me. Is there something less harsh that might work?

I have put honey in the bathroom so I can wash with it next time I shower.
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I have found using honey or a mild facial soap to clean followed by diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner and olive oil as a moisturizer once a day has really calmed my skin down. I went from waking up with several new, deep zits a day to maybe getting one superficial zit a week if that. My skin still has some healing to do (only started two months ago), but I'm very happy with this new routine.
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I've had really good luck using the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).

50% castor oil
20% joboba oil
30% olive oil

I keep in the shower, smear it all over face, rub in good and then at end of shower rinse it off.

I also use a topical, mainly Arbonne's RE9 facial serum, but the oil cleansing method has worked great for me.
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Oatmeal and raw honey worked pretty well for me, however I still have occational break outs.
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Originally Posted by SeekingJoy View Post
After looking up glycolic acid, it really is a last resort for me. Is there something less harsh that might work?
I haven't found it to be harsh at all. I have very sensitive skin and I haven't had any problems with glycolic acid at all.

You can get varying strengths. I use Alpha Hydrox Skin Souffle and it has a 12% glycolic acid solution. I do experience a little tingling but, it goes away pretty quickly. I don't have any residual dryness - my skin actually feels really smooth and I'm telling you, I started using it a week ago after over a month of serious breakouts on my chin - big ones, small ones, bleeding ones etc.... and the difference in a week is amazing. No new ones, all the ones I have are dried up and in the healing stage.

I do put the alpha hydrox on and then put a night cream on over top of it to help with any drying but, I haven't really had any.

During the day, I use a sunscreen over top of it.

You can get higher strengths on Amazon (and I'm sure other places) but, I've found the 12% works great for me - not too strong but, is really working.
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Does any kind of honey work or does it have to be super unprocessed?
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I have only tried the raw honey so Im not sure.
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I've only tried regular cheap supermarket honey, so I guess either way it works. I figured raw would have more antibacterial qualities though, but that's just me figuring things based on nothing at all.
BTW, I use coconut oil for moisturizing when I do need a little something. Seriously though, just like a dab on each each, and one on my forehead.

Wikipedia states that tea tree oil can be used for acne, as can aspirin. I've heard of crushing up aspirin to make a paste, maybe you can look more into that?
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a honey and aspirin mask is supposed to be wonderful. also, msm & vitamin C taken together is excellent at healing your skin from the inside out.
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Another vote for honey. I use whatever kind I have on hand-- local, raw, commercial, pasteurized, whatever-- and when I use it every day I DO NOT get pimples. When I lapse (because self-care has never been my forte) I get lots, especially before my period.

It's kind of amazing. It's also really easy, so I don't know why I have trouble maintaining the routine. There's a huuuuuuge thread around here called "wash your face with honey!!" that covers just about every detail you could ever dream up on the subject....
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Honey and aspirin masks work for me. Also, only wash with honey and moisturize with a little coconut oil.
Don't do things thst dry your skin out...that makes it worse.
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The raw honey worked for me, for a little while. What has really ended up working long-term is NOTHING. I wash my face with water only, no soap. I use minteral makeup, and just rinse it off with a wet washcloth. If I need to exfoliate, I use either the washcloth or raw honey that has crystallized a bit (you can also just add a bit of sugar to it if your honey isn't crystallized). Otherwise, it's water only.

I tried all kinds of scrubs (home made) and OCM, and different soaps, and lots of things worked to clear it up in the short term, but within a week or month my skin would start to break out again. Even with just using honey every day, my skin broke out, so now I use it 1-2 x/week max and leave it alone the rest of the time.

For moisturizer, I use raw coconut oil or vegetable glycerin, but not much. (Glycerin is literally 1 drop for my whole face, and I apply it while my skin is wet. It's better for nighttime moisturizing if you wear makeup during the day.)
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Originally Posted by swd12422 View Post
What has really ended up working long-term is NOTHING.
Sadly, I found out the same thing, but cycling through different methods seems to keep my acne "guessing" and a little more at bay. Mine is hormonal and will probably never go away 100% so I have to keep on top of it.

It's like when you plateu with weight loss and have to shake things up a bit to get it going again.
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Cutting out dairy helped immensely for me and my husband. I highly recommend it!
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Originally Posted by nicky85 View Post
Cutting out dairy helped immensely for me and my husband. I highly recommend it!
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