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Speaking Up for Homeschooling on Tuesday

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Going in Tuesday to present my case for homeschooling at a hearing. It's legal here, except that my co-parent is being oppositional... hence the hearing. I am putting together the information I have so I can speak clearly and reasonably about why I believe in homeschooling as a valid choice. My son is nearly 6, so my schooling approach has been piece-meal so far.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I am very nervous about being able to speak well about this, to be able to answer the questions intelligently and directly. Plus, standing up for something I want is relatively new for me. I want to have as much courage and patience that I can.

Thanks for your support. Despite the outcome, I want to be able to say I have done all I could.
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I'm thinking of you
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Thank You!

... forgot to sub...
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Most definitely thinking of you. Sending you good vibes for Tuesday.
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Good luck. Have you seen if anyone in your local homeschooling groups has experience as a homeschool advocate, someone who might be able to come along with you and bolster you up? Someone with plenty of experience homeschooling in the community?
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There was a case here, where the other parent opposed the homeschooling. The court ruled in the noncustodial parents favor, BUT, made him pay private school tuition to the school of her choice. I think if you lost but could at least get that, it would be good. Because 1) you could at least put your child in private, 2) once he has to pay tuition, he might suddenly not oppose homeschooling, and 3) it might make his sorry self miserable having to pay. If you and your child have to suffer, he should too.

Good luck!
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Good luck! I'm sure you will do wonderfully. Fingers crossed for a reasonable judge!
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I recently read Homeschooling: A Path Rediscovered for Socialization, Education, and Family http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/143...ef=oss_product Unless you can get a copy locally you don't have time to get it delivered. It is a fast read though. It was written specifically for people who know nothing about homeschooling and often are against it.

There were two sites I found that had excerpts from this. One had the first 10 pages, the other had huge sections of the last part of the book but random pages were missing (so you'd buy the book.) It's a fast read, maybe you could find a local copy or read excerpts online.

Being able to cite research about how well homeschoolers do may help. This information may help you:

Homeschooling and Socialization:

Movie about problems with education system:

ACT scores–homeschooled compared to general test takers:

Some homeschooling research:

Home-Education: Rationales, Practices and Outcomes

Fifteen years later: Home-Educated Canadian Adults

We've Grown Up and We're Okay

Welcome to the National Home Education Research Institute!
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UPdate... Ok. So the judge ruled that I can homeschool this year, and next year we have to put him in school. In many ways, it is a victory to get to do this year. However, it's also a disappointment that it's only another year because homeschooling as a concept seems to be something that spans years and allows the freedom for the child to excel at his own pace.

That aside, I am accepting this little victory. I appreciate the support from the community here. It filled my heart and helped me catch my second wind. Now onto getting us organized for the year!
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Enjoy this year & cherish every moment!
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