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Does my baby even have legs?

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So I know the baby is head down, but I *never* (okay, maybe only one time) feel kicks in the ribs and this is concerning me. The kicks are always basically straight to the right of my belly button, and sometimes even lower. It's like my child is folded completely over! Or maybe it just doesn't have normal-sized legs!
Any thoughts as to why it would be this way? Is your baby positioned as it "should" be? Is there really a way it "should" be positioned??
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Mine is head down, but basically has his/her butt tucked under my ribs most of the time, and so is sort of folded over like it sounds like you are talking about. I never feel rib kicks, although when s/he wedges their bottom up in my ribs, it burns. Kicks are all lower down, and I get a lot of what must be punches.
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My baby is head down, but keeps rolling. Has been posterior, anterior, and faced both sides all within the last 4 days!

When facing to one side, yeah - the kicks are often kind of low. His or her butt is up under my ribs.

There's still plenty of time for those feet to move into our ribs, though! Remember they put on a CRAZY amount of weight in the last month! Like 1/2 pound per week!
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My baby is the same way. I have almost never had any kicks very far "north" of my navel. This little one is usually oblique, and I just have butt up high, and kicks (and punches!) off to the sides. Frankly, I'm okay with not having my ribs rearranged. Although that booty does give me a bruised feeling from time to time when it gets wedged in. Youch.
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Do you know where your placenta is? Perhaps it is on the top and that is why you aren't feeling much movement up high.

My placenta is in the middle, in the front. I feel movement on my sides but nothing at all across my belly proper.
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You wont feel kicks to the back of your uterus as much, and the placenta may be up there as well blocking the kicks.

I'm sure your babies legs are just perfect!
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Momasana- I hadn't even considered the placenta position! That could really explain a lot, if it's the topmost part of the whole package. Thanks for that food for thought!
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I'm getting what I believe is a knee to the ribs - we think it's a knee because when he twists towards the front he pokes that knee straight out and it sticks out the front middle between my ribs. Then I feel his kicks off to the side.

I think position matters so much and honestly, my guy isn't doing nearly as much kicking lately (that I can feel at least!) and more rolling/shifting movements. It feels like he's already run out of room!
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DS never kicked my ribs. But when he was born it was quiet obvious by the shape of his legs he had then crossed the whole time. That was why I would just get knees on the sides of my belly but nothing up top.
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