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Ouch-It hurts to walk

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Hi mamas,

I've been having this pain whenever I walk for the past few days. It's right where my inner thigh meets my pelvis. It started when we got rid of our couch last Wednesday. The new couches don't arrive until tomorrow so I've been sitting more on the floor, a hard chair or my exercise ball. Did I pull groin muscles? Any idea how I can make it feel better?

Boy things keep going from bad to worse for me this pregnancy!
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does it kind of burn?

When my SPD started it felt like a burning right there.

That is to say, you are far enough along now that you could get the same effect from your pelvis separating (preparing for labor and baby starting to descend) and NOT have it be SPD.
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Mine doesn't burn, but I just started getting pain there too starting today.
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no burning here, either, but I have been experiencing the same-ish pain. Mine is equal, and tends to crawl out after I walk around for a few minutes. Unfortunately, as soon as I sit, lie down or stand still it creeps back in. I just assumed it was the relaxin working on my pelvis. Because yours is on one side, it may be a pulled muscle. You could try to ice it. Hope it feels better soon!
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Nope, no burning, just pain. Perhaps it is a pulled muscle. I probably overdid it when I started my stretching exercises (like the tailor sit). I'm really flexible even though I haven't exercised in ages so maybe I just overstretched and pulled something.

I could try taking a bath but it's getting soooo hard to get out of the bathtub these days that's it's almost not worth it. Maybe I'll try ice as suggested.
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Is it underneath, kind of between your pubic bone and even with your vaginal opening? If so, it's probably where one of your pelvic floor ligaments attaches to the front of your pelvis. My LMT/backup doula found that spot on me and worked on it for a while because it's tight. And when I started sitting on my exercise ball more, it started to HURT. I felt like I had to walk with my foot splayed out to the side.

If you can find the tender source of that pain right on the bone and gently massage it, you'll get some relief.
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