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Looking for AP-friendly pediatrician in Wexford, PA

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I live north of Pittsburgh in Wexford and I'm due in 3 weeks. I'm looking for an AP-friendly pediatrician in the Wexford/Cranberry/North Hills area. I want to find someone who is very supportive of breast-feeding, co-sleeping and doesn't give me a hard time about not circumcising.
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This doctor is wonderful. I know a couple of people who take their children to him and love him.


He's also an IBCLC and one of the chair people for the Allegheny County Breastfeeding Coalition. I met him at one of their meetings and really liked him.

I also believe his wife is involved in LaLeche League but I'm not positive.

See you soon!
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I would be interested to find a similar pediatrician/family practitioner in the South Hills side of Pittsburgh. Any recommendations?
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We see Sharon Cowden at Children's Community Pediatrics
http://www.cc-peds.net/pgh/cowden.shtm - it's nearish the NA high school off of 19.

Going on my 4th kid here I tend to take pedi's advice with a grain of salt... ie I will politely listen but if it doesn't work for us I won't won't say anything but I won't put it into practice, either. Ie the doc is there for shots and sickness, not parenting advice. We fully vax (though we're behind, and she's OK with that) - I get the sense she is not super cool with not vaxing at all, you don't say your take on that. But my son is not circ'ed, she's never said anything... I breastfed my girls and she was very supportive of THAT, actually around 5-6 months I wanted to throw in the towel and drop it and switch to formula and she was not pushy about it but I expected her to be all "Oh, yeah, that's great, go ahead" but she was more like gently telling me what a great job I had done so far and pointing out it didn't have to be all of nothing - I was trying to nurse twins with abysmyll supply issues, and I just wanted to quit, they were starving, I was miserable, etc. I left with a plan to supplement instead and went on to nurse many more months (12 months for one, 14 for the other) We co-slept with one of the girls and she never batted an eye over that - I have a friend whose doc told her she had to stop co-sleeping...

So for what that's worth, we have been happy. I have never personally encountered a pedi who I felt was anti-AP - but I don't consider myself AP so take that for what it's worth. Technically I do a lot of AP things but I hate the label.

Anyway - we have been happy. And the location is nice and close for us.

We have been with her about 2 years... my kids were born in CA, never had an issue with a doc and circumcision there, either. Personally I have found a lot of things the crunchier side claims the mainstream pushes really aren't pushed much at all - but maybe it's just been luck, I don't know.

ETA I have to say one SUPER cool thing about this office, my girls got pink eye in the summer... I called to make an appt. for the one who CLEARLY had a problem, the other was questionable... I went in, I didn't see Sharon because she wasn't in, but the guy who saw them, pretty much said "Yeah this is our 5th case of pink eye today" as it was going around - wrote a script for the drops with enough refills that the whole family could use them if needed - looked at both babies for the price of one - basically, you know, an easy, easy visit, treating me like I was intelligent and not some whacko over-reacting parent who wouldn't know how to treat pink eye in the rest of the house if we got it. Luckily, we didn't. Maybe that's a standard experience but I was really happy with that! No one wants to go to the doc multiple times for the same problem for multiple kids...

eta - ugh, I didn't realize this was so old!!!
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