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Feb DDC swaps/exchanges

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Now that I think most everyone is in or is soon to start the second trimester I would love input on what you think would be fun to do as a ddc.

In past DDCs I've done:

- birth bead swaps

- postcard exchange

-gift exchange (under $15 or whatever is agreed upon)

There could be a crafter's exchange, or that could be included under the gift swap maybe?

There is a spot on the trading post where all of these can take place but there are some requirements to participate in the trading post which may exclude some members that would like to participate. PM me please for more information.

Also if you would like to volunteer to head a certain swap please pm me and specify if you have a preference.

Is there something not mentioned that you would like to do. Suggest it here!
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I really like the idea of a birth bead swap, this will be my first time participating in a DDC so I'm not sure what else is usual.
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A crafting swap would be fun! I've been crocheting up a storm of blankies, hats, and crochet longies for this baby (and a few amigurumi toys for my twins).
I'm also struggling to teach myself to knit but I'm not sure I'd have any knit goodies good enough to swap.

Are there other crafty mamas out there that would be interested in a swap? I'm wonder if there is enough interest to run just a craft swap or if it should just be included with the gift swap like echospiritwarrior mentioned.
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I'd be down for a crafty swap, I guess even if there are just a few of us it will work... Those amigurumi toys are just so fun!

anyone else?
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I would be interested in a gift exchange, I am not crafty at all.....lol I can write poetry and sing, but thats about it lol
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Id be interested in a craft swap and the bead swap. Maybe the gift one if my husband doesn't roll his eyes about the other two. It would have to be early though because Id want to get the swap sent out if we have to move in December. Id be willing to head one if no one minds sending me the info and having me just exchange mailing addresses of two people or something similar to that (Im not sure how it works, last one I did we exchanged two people's names and then they just exchanged gifts between the two).
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I would be very open to a craft swap. I knit, crochet, sew, embroider.... what have you.
A bead swap would be cool too.
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I don't feel my crafting skills are good enough to swap- I'm self taught and not at all confident yet.

But I'd love to do a bead swap.

I've never been in charge of a swap so I wouldn't be able to run one.
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anyone else? It'll be nice to get these swaps planned don't want to exclude anyone who wants to participate.
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I'd participate in a bead swap - it sounds fun and it would be nice to have a token of support from other birthing mommas. I don't think I have time to participate in anything else, though.
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Originally Posted by cactuspear View Post
I'd participate in a bead swap - it sounds fun and it would be nice to have a token of support from other birthing mommas. I don't think I have time to participate in anything else, though.
I'm with cactuspear, I barely have time to make dinner anymore let alone craft something. Hoping to start working from home soon so that we aren't losing 2 hours everyday to commuting.
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I did a bead one for our last birth club and I would participate in that again.
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I"m in, but not up for planning, so let me know what the plan is!
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I'd love to be in! I've never done the bead swap but it sounds fun and I'd also be in on the crafty swap. I can sew and embroider. Not sure how they work but let me know!
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I would love to participate. I am sorta crafty....Mostly on the computer. I can do beautiful photo birth announcements, beads, a little knitting.
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okay, is EVERYONE who wants to participate on the off site group? Please PM me if you are NOT, so that we can get this going!
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Do you mean Facebook?
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I'm on the FB group!
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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post
Do you mean Facebook?
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Okay, I'm on Facebook. Let's get this going.
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