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laboring away...

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...I'm officially in labor. Started contractions yesterday afternoon in the car, when we came back from our last outing as a three people family. Ctrx were about 12min apart but strong enough for me to decide we should rather take the highway back home than the scenic route.

Once at home things tapered off again. DH and DS went to bed and I of course couldn't fall asleep. Sat in front of the computer for a while and ended up going to sleep around 1:30am to wake up to regular ctrx at 3:30am. have been up and contracting about every 4 minutes and for 50secs until MW visited and checked me at 9am and my cervix was still quite posterior and 1-2cm dilated. She suggested I try to get some sleep in and forget about the time. I did that and rested as good as possible between ctrx for about 2 hours, even dozed off a little.
Now it's 3pm and DH and DS are taking a nap and I am really hoping that these ctrx are doing the job, because they are definitely intense...! moving and vocalizing through them is what helps best.
*sigh* so, as excited as I am to finally be in labor, I guess I still have some work to do here...

On top of it my mom called this morning to let us know that she was on her way to my grandma in vienna who's 88yo and suffering from parkinson and suddenly took a turn for the worse.

I don't know what will happen but I can't help but think of the Jack Johnson song "If I Could"

If anyone has some spare ELVs and good thoughts to send my way I'd be most grateful.
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yayyayyay! i came over here looking for just this kind of update from you! so exciting! peaceful, gentle birth vibes to you, mama!
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Sending those ELV's
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Good luck mama!

Best wishes for your grandma
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I hope your labor/contractions go faster than mine. I've been heavily contracting since Friday.
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I hope you're birth goes smoothly. When I was starting to feel a bit out of control, my midwife recommended two Tylenol and a glass of wine - it worked wonders. Keep us updated.
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Good luck! I hope things start moving along soon.
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