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overnight visitation and custody

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Facing custody battle of 8 month old. She is breastfeeding/co-sleeping. Eating some solids and I'm only away from her 4 hours a time max. (And leave breast milk with her during that time). Any advice - dad is going for overnights.
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Try the single mamas forum, there are more posts like yours in there of mothers who have BTDT. Good luck!
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your post is almost identical to another one i just replied to so i would suggest that you search my posts for that one as well as some further back. also search the LLL site for stuff written by the late Liz Baldwin. GL!
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I've pulled overnight Staff Duty or Charge of Quarters and had to leave my baby at home and was unable to see her for 24 hours (too much hassle to go home...lived too far away). I pumped a lot ahead of time, so had a good little stash built up to leave with daddy to feed her, then I pumped throughout the day to keep up my supply...at least every 3-5 hours, and kept the milk in little mama-milk baggies, which I'd just stick in the freezer to replace the ones I gave daddy. The first time was before I went back to work...I had not even been away from her 2 hours at that point and I had to leave her for a full day. We survived it, and I nursed her for 9 months...until the unit decided to deploy me.
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Here's an open letter from Kathy Dettwyler that you could use if you feel it's helpful.

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