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distraught...bye bye HBAC? hello repeat c...

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just had my MW appt. she thinks baby is frank breech and BIG. with not a lot of water/anterior placenta which mean ecv is very unlikely. plus ive been ordered in for a trace as her movements have changed recently and there is a chance she's pressing on the cord. im just waiting for my ride to the hospital now. feel bad because DS saw me cry. feel bad because it means so much to me to birth this baby as nature intended, at home and surrounded by her family. not in a theatre weeks early. i feel bad for feeling so selfish - i KNOW i should just be happy with a healthy baby no matter how she gets here. but im just so upset. prayers please, "head down and healthy"...

my section with DS was soooo traumatic and clinical. i didnt get near him for hours and he'd already been washed weighed and dressed. can't go thru that again. i want my baby to hold his baby sister when she is born. not days later when im allowed home (children arent allowed on the wards)
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Sending good head down vibes your way and hoping for the best ...

I certainly understand how you feel as I had a very clinical c-section with ds and having a more natural experience is very, very important to me. I hope you can get some good news, or at least be able to try to turn her.
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I am sorry hun, Your in my thoughts and prayers that everything is alright.
I know how hard it is to not have the birth you want/need. As a mama of 4 sections and a 5th section on the line up I totally understand the sadness and worry....please keep us posted.
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are you seeing a cpm or cnm?

don't throw in the towel just yet. that sounds like alot of very subjective speculation to me. are you heading in to get an u/s? let us know how it goes.
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I'm sorry I hope she turns or you get some better news.
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here is hoping for good news ((hugs))
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Mama. There's still time for her to turn, and there are things you can do to help. Check out the spinningbabies website, chiro, moxibustion to name a few.

Don't let one midwife's opinion sway you. Seek out someone else if you can.

I hope you hear some good news today at the hosp. xx
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i so hope you make it back home from the hospital and they don't insist on admitting you. melly's right, not only is there still time, but we can affect change/outcome more than the medical establishment will have you believe. bed rest and lots of fluids can build up low amniotic fluid so that potential cord compression and breech presentation can be resolved. tbh, i would be leary of the "establishment" trying to find ways to rope you into another csection since they're automatically trained to believe you're high risk now w/ a previous csection under your belt. i've seen many babies turn this late in the game (even later) by mom being proactive w/ incouraging it thru different positions, lunges, etc. (myself included) once you get back home (thinking positively here), rest rest rest (to minimize fluid loss) and drink LOTS of water!
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well guys here's the deal......

.......went into hospital.....

....three midwives and a consultant diagnosed direct cephalic (head down) presentation, normal heart rate, normal fluid and a normal sized baby girly.....

....so i've cancelled the c section that the midwife (who was obviously very anti hbac/pro repeat section) had booked for me.

funny how when i questioned her about her diagnosis and told her that i usually find DD's heartrate down low on left hand side slightly and asked her to try listening again, she refused and snubbed me saying "breech babies heat rates are never picked up that low" and refused to check for me - intead saying that she just had a weak heart-rate (she had doppler up in my ribs)....

also when she felt DD move she told me that it wasn't normal/as strong as it should be and that unless im feeling 10 movements an hour that it's not normal. *sigh* i know...individuals don't give a representation of the whole system blah blah *get's moderated* hehe

i was interrigated rather a lot at the hospital about my birth choice and had a few ppl say i was silly etc which has annoyed me, but at least i got the all clear on the health and positioning issue PHEW

very tired out by it all though.
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If you have time, I would really look into finding a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique. It is not a version, it's a different technique that helps turn babies. Good luck.

And please know that even if you have a repeat c-section, I know lots of women have said a planned section can be a completely different experience from a previous unplanned one.
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Whoops--I posted the below before seeing your last update!! Well, I'm glad to hear your little girl is cooperating! What a relief!!


I'm so sorry you're going through this stress, and I do hope your MW is wrong/surprised and this baby turns for you. I'm a bit behind you, 32.5 weeks, and my baby is still breech, too. I've been doing inversions every day for almost 3 weeks now (sometimes while applying a cold pack near the fundus and/or a heat pack near the pelvis), and still no luck--sometimes he slides around to transverse, but then he always seems to pop head up again. It is so frustrating.

I was lucky enough to have a natural birth with my daughter, but with every day that passes I am still terrified that this little guy is not going to flip around and I will have to have a c-section with him. I got a recommendation for a chiro who does this kind of work from my doula, and I am planning to call her tomorrow to make an appointment. Honestly, I don't have a lot of faith in acupuncture, but I might even try the moxibustion later if I get desperate enough. I'm also going to ask my OB about the ECV option at my appt on Thursday, but I'm a bit scared of that, too, since I read they only work about 50% of the time, and you have to do them under close monitoring and be ready to do a rush c-section in case the version causes a problem and the baby goes into distress. I also read that ECVs are often done with an epidural to relax the uterus and decrease pain, and a BIG part of the reason I wanted a natural birth in the first place was to avoid the epidural (I have a bit of a spine phobia--I don't like anyone touching my spine at all, much less sticking a big old needle in there). Urgh. Let's send good baby turning vibes, all around!!!!!!!
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Yay, great news!! Sorry you had to go through all that stress, though
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This is wonderful. So happy for you!
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my goodness, a homebirth midwife trying to "rope" you in, and a hospital unintentionally acting as your advocate. i've seen it all!
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I'm so glad you got some good news at the hospital. That midwife sounds like a UAV. She's not the new one you've recently signed up for is she?
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Go to the chiropractor. A good one! Mine was just telling me about his full success rate with the Walker method (or maybe it was another w word). But try that first!! Good luck mama.
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Glad to hear all is well with your little girl!
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MELLY no she isn't the same one (the awesome one was acting as this one's stand in when she was on leave)

im going to call the senior midwife at the hospital and arrange a meeting with her to try and set up a plan of action to make sure that only pro-hbac mw's are in attendance. the only worry is that she might not agree with my choices and refuse to send on of "her team" out to me at all which would lave me having to UBAC or agree to IV access CFM and no pool in hospital
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I didn't think they could refuse to send someone to you. I thought that legally they have to provide a midwife to attend you wherever you chose to give birth?
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I think we were posting at about the same time...

I'm so glad everything was great! But, wow... what a rotten thing for your mw to do. Do you think she actually lied to you, or just convinced herself because she didn't want to deal w/ the HBAC?
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