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? Scary!?

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Ok, just got back from the OB about two hours ago, we went to breakfast and just kinda laid around. DP went back out to the farm. I just went into the bathroom, and after going checked the paper, just out of habit...

There was blood on the paper... I wiped again thinking maybe it was just a little from the cervical check. But there was a little more. When I got up and looked in the toilet there was a clot on the inside of the bowl. I still have had no contractions, and the baby has been moving fine... and I feel alright. It was just shocking to see and now... What should I do? Call L&D? Or wait and see?
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I would call, to put your mind at ease - but it sounds like bloody show. With my #1, I had that and shortly after that I starte feeling crampy, and I had him that day. But Mae has been having show for weeks... so might not mean much.

Call, you will feel better talking to a pro.
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I did call, they spent a little time on the phone with me, told me to put on a pad and wait until they call me back so that we can get a measure... I guess. Thank you for writing back. I couldn't find my phone and was kind of freaking out!
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hope all is well!

luckily at this point, blood can sometimes be a good sign!
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I am still waiting, and still freaking out. I just want him to move and move until I know what is going on!
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I'm glad you called. It sure sounds like bloody show. Did you say you had an internal exam? Your cervix is really sensitive right now and prone to bleeding.

Keep us posted. I just read today that bloody show can go on for weeks! (like it has been for Mae).
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Had an internal exam this morning before 9. This didn't start until right before I wrote, and I had heard that the cervix can become sensitive and bleed a little, but the clot really got me worried...
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Clot could have been bloody show mixed with a chunk of mucuous plug (lovely imagery, no?).

Keep in touch with your OB, but don't worry... be calm... rest... think happy thoughts
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My update...


It is kind of long. I am a bit upset, but baby and I both seem to be fine and I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
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oh thats not good =( naughty doctor!
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WHOA! That is so not cool to do that without your consent, let alone without even telling you it was done!
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That's really awful! Do doctors not realize or not care that doing things against a patient's wishes and/or without consent destroys the patients trust in at least them, if not doctors in general? I had a doctor run (non-invasive) tests on my years ago after I explicitly told him not to. I'm still furious with him, and it didn't actually affect me in any way except to piss me off that he didn't listen to my explicit request. I still don't trust doctors much today, and it's making it hard for me to trust my midwife as well, since she's still practicing within the medical environment.

I'm so sorry he did this to you. Good for you for letting them all know exactly how you feel about it and for choosing to forgo vaginal exams in the future.
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OMG! Drop him like a hot potato! You can not birth with someone you don't trust. He violated you.
I'm so sorry!
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Wow....that's nuts. It doesn't make 100% sense, either, since I've always thought it would be damn near impossible to do if you weren't dilated? Either way--whether that is what he did OR he's confused you with another patient--I'd be on my guard from here on out. I'm sorry you've had this to deal with today.
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I wouldn't be so quick to get rid of him. Like you said, you've heard great things about this doctor, you've liked him, and his stats back up his stance as a fairly natural-minded guy.

I posted in the other thread, but I think this might be a case of miscommunication. His routine might be to do membrane sweeps on term (or close-to term) women...if he is fairly natural-minded, he knows that they won't work unless your body is ready. He may have been going along with his routine treatment, and not realized it was against your preferences.

Do you think he would have done the sweep if he knew you didn't want it? If so, then yes--consider dropping him. If it was something you never discussed with him, then give him a pass. Every OB and MW makes mistakes. Just like with other relationships, one mistake should not end a relationship. It should prompt a change in communication.
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Thank you all for your support!

ROM: I did respond to your other post. As always you seem to be a voice of reason.
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I would also suggest hiring a Doula too. It may be short notice, but you are only 36+ weeks, so I wouldn't see it as that far out of the question. At least you can have someone there to help recognize when things are not going to plan, or heading toward off plan and letting you know and helping you advocate for yourself. I'm so so so so sorry you went through this. I would just mention to make sure, that when a future exam is done (which looks like labor is going the be the next one) you make sure he knows not to do another membrane sweep and not to 'stretch' the cervical opening even if it is stretchy. I hear this commonly happens, and if it's something you don't want, I'd make sure you mention it.

Again, I'm so sorry. I really really am, and I do agree that it IS the CPs OBLIGATION to inform you of ANY procedures, the RISKS, BENEFITS, WHY they suggest it, What to expect, etc. I'm a little irate for you, wow. Kinda blown away.
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Wow, I have only had a few cervical checks in my day and all were in active labor, I am not sure what the point is anyway? I would be mad and feel violated too. I would keep the doctor for the reasons already mentioned, but you do not need any internal exams! not even in labor! The ones that I had were per my request at the very end of labor in my moment of frustration. Hugs!
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I would love to hire a doula! I was planning on looking into it, but doubt this area has one. Can anyone give me a price range?
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If you can find a local doula program you might be able to find a student who will attend your birth for free (they need the hours of experience).
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