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Originally Posted by RedOakMomma View Post
Just like with other relationships, one mistake should not end a relationship. It should prompt a change in communication.
You're right ROM. I'm so hot-headed! Leo .

BBM- Have you had a chance to talk to your OB yet?
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Originally Posted by Baby~Braatens~Mama View Post
I would love to hire a doula! I was planning on looking into it, but doubt this area has one. Can anyone give me a price range?
I second looking for a student who will do it for free or cheap. I actually had someone offer to do it for free for me, because she was still student and working towards certification. But I have my mom with me in a doula capacity already.

I'd check the "Find Your Tribe" subforum for the area where you live.
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One place to look for doulas is through DONA, their training/certification network. Prices vary a LOT around the country, and even in a local area. I've heard of upwards of $2000 in NYC. In this area (southeast Michigan) I interviewed doulas ranging from $300 to $800. Most will also work with you on a sliding scale if money is a real issue.

I was thinking about this last night and wondered if you've had a chance to talk with your doctor about his philosophy on induction. The thing that struck me as most bothersome about your phone conversation is the statement that the doctor views you as "almost done" at not quite 37 weeks. Sure, babies come that early all the time, but if your little guy decides to hold on until 42 weeks you're still 5 weeks away, and I certainly wouldn't call that "almost done". I'm just wondering if he's the type to normally hurry things along as you approach 40 weeks, using that as a deadline, rather than letting things go post dates?
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Good questions! I haven't been able to talk to him, yet. I have to wait until our next OB and I will definitely bring that up. We go in on Monday. I spent a lot of time, yesterday afternoon, thinking that I should just skip my weeklies! lol... but that wouldn't give me a chance to have him look over the birth plan or give us a chance to discuss his practices and ethics. So I will definitely go. Better to be told whether or not he is willing to actually work with us, or if we should hurry up and try to find a new provider (if even possible). So far no doula, but a friend of mine knows a midwife who travels the area and is willing to work on a sliding scale. If things get to overwhelming with the ob and medicaid I will get a hold of her and see what her qualifications/certifications are. If we can afford to do it on our own, we may just do a hb.
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