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store bought kefir

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I know homemade kefir is best, but everyone in my house prefers helio's kefir. To be honest I also hate making kefir. I know many of you say it is super easy - but I easily forget to change the milk and since noone drinks milk in the house I also hate buying milk. So we have helios kefir at our co-op and everyone loves it. Is is better than nothing? Is there a huge difference.
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Hmmm, the two organic brands I buy at the store taste great and my tot could drink the whole bottle, so I just prefer to buy it
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Eh I think it's better than nothing. I was making it at home too but it got to be another chore and nobody really likes it here either so we switched back to store brand.
I figure you do what you can....after all we already eat WAY healthier than most people.
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i buy kefir. i figure that as long as it's got the live cultures and not too much other junk in it, it's better than a lot of other stuff i could be feeding my family.

anyway, 2 of my boys can't have dairy in any form, so i buy the coconut milk or soy kefir for them sometimes, too.
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Where are you buying kefir?
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I buy helios kefir from our co-op. Which brands are you ladies buying?
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Helios is the one I buy, because it's the brand that Donna Gates recommends in The Body Ecology Diet. I also buy Goat Milk Kefir when it's on sale.
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