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how does my apartment get so dirty so fast? Honestly?

Im grumpy, I don't feel good, and all I want to do is sleep. Unfortunatly, the dishes are piled up, there is scads of laundry, the dog wont let herself out to pee (or poo, which I had to clean up BOTH this am) and the floors are awful. I hate aparement carpet.

Anyone want to come and clean for me?

I swear I just did ALL this stuff two days ago. I rest for ONE day, and theres a mountain to climb all over again.
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i hear you. life is really difficult atm. i'm astonished at how quickly i can become queen bitch from hell when something doesn't go my way. lol. i mean, seriously, why does a kids dvd have to have so many damn previews to ff'wrd thru--like i have nothing better to do than stand there w/ my out of breath self for 5 minutes pushing the forward button while my lungs are about to implode from having just climbed the stairs. it's a conspiracy, i tell ya--or just a total stupid waste of disc and it damn pisses me off. lol!

anybody seen my coping skills around anywhere?
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Tell me about it I have to try to walk around with blinders on or else I get all ragey (or occasionally, weepy!) The kitchen desperately needs mopped and I'm seriously considering hiring a cleaner to come do it and scrub my shower.
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