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Shanah tovah um'tukah
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L'Shanah Tovah, mamas! How was your Rosh Hashanah? I decided to make some dishes I had never cooked before (chicken stewed in tzimmes and potato kugel), and after all that work nobody in the family really liked them. I've started a new low carb diet, so I didn't eat the kugel at all, and only ate the chicken, not the tzimmes. Luckily I had also poached some trout, and baked a spaghetti squash, so there was plenty to feast on, but we ended up with a bunch of leftovers that nobody wanted. It looks like the leftovers are going to end up being fed to the raccoons that live in our yard, 'cause they're still taking up room in my fridge as I type. Next year I'm going back to doing something the family is used to, like roasting a chicken. On the positive side, I tried a new recipe for honey cake that was delicious! I make gluten free desserts so I always have to tweak the recipes a bit. I actually made a mistake on this one and put in 2 tablespoons of baking powder instead of 2 teaspoons, but it turned out perfectly anyway. I think I'm going to have to try that "mistake" with more of my gluten free recipes, because the cake was so light it seemed like regular wheat cake. Hope everyone is doing well and getting a well deserved rest.
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I made homemade caramel apples using honey, cream and vanilla and while they LOOKED beautiful the caramel came out like toffee and was way too hard. I felt like it took so much work and then didn't come out in a way that was really edible. Other than that we had a Seder I made date muffins, fruit salad w/ pomegranate, apples w/ honey to dip, fresh steamed green beans, acorn squash mashed with melted butter cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar browned in the broiler, fresh steamed spinach, potato & leek soup made w/ vegetable broth, and we do lettuce instead of fish so we finished with a green salad.
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Have any of you seen the Times cover for the most recent Time magazine issue? I saw it today in the grocery store it made me feel very uncomfortable. Here is a link to the article and the cover photo, http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16...100913,00.html
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The cover definitely bothered me but I'm not sure if we can engage in discussion about it here or if that would only fit in current events.
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Originally Posted by Magelet View Post
The cover definitely bothered me but I'm not sure if we can engage in discussion about it here or if that would only fit in current events.
Oh I wasn't sure, I will X-Post it over there.
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My yom tov dishes were a success, most notably was my awesome apple-cider roasted turkey with fruit stuffing. Seriously awesome. The trick is to roast it breast-side down, with 3 layers of cheesecloth (or those cheesecloth bags) over the top, basting every 30 minutes. after 2.5 hours, discard cheesecloth, turn bird over, roast until juices clear - ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS!

I make this turkey every year for Yom Tov, but it was the best ever this year.
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That sounds really really good!
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Originally Posted by Magelet View Post
The doc didn't mention endometriosis. I think they did an ultrasound to check fr that and cysts or somehing when I was about 13 but I don't recall. I suspect it's genetic since my mom had debilitating cramps she threw up from until she had me. Though my sis isn't as bad. If these meds don't help I'll talk to the doc about looking into endometriosis. Thanks
Endometriosis isn't cysts, it's when the tissue from the lining of your uterus that sheds when you have your period grows on other organs and it can cause severe pain when you have your period. I think there are treatment options available. You can also ask your doctor for prescription strength painkillers if you would like. My mother needs them to function when she has her period, I think she has both cysts and endometriosis.

Rosh Hashanah was good but I am completely cooked out and I am trying to psych myself to make another giant batch of challah's and start cooking for pre & post Yom Kippur and Sukkos. It feels like a never ending tirade of food.

Sukkos is going to be a pain b/c we don't have a Sukkah so we have to bring all our food to shul.
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It's official. The tzimmes WERE terrible! Even the raccoons wouldn't eat them!

ImaSophie your menu sounds delicious! And yes, the cover of Time made me uncomfortable. I didn't read the article, so I don't know weather I agree or not with the premise, but regardless I thought it was in poor taste to run during the High Holy days.

Chava, that turkey sounds amazing! Did you use hard cider or non-alcoholic?

shnitzel, I hear you about the "never ending tyrade of food," and I'm not even very observant so it must be particularly hard for you more traditional mamas.

We've finally made a decision about what congregation to join. We have a meeting with the rabbi and director of education next week. I had a hard time convincing my husband that we should spend the money to do this. He hated his Hebrew/religious school experience, had a very unsatisfying Bar Mitzvah, and pretty much has never gone back to Temple since. But, he realizes that this is very important to me, and I offered to try to cut my food budget $50 a week to help finance it, so he agreed. I like the rabbi very much, feel comfortable with the people who attend there, and actually know some of them from my kids' school, so that was a big plus. I hope it really is a good fit.
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Dashsmama we joined a temple this year too so that we could put the boys in RE this year, I feel like we really need the outside learning combined with what they learn at home. They go to public school and they get confused and I don't have all the answers besides "Well we are Jewish so we do...and not..." We have made some big changes and I think they need the support of a larger community so that they see they are not alone in the universe.

My husband balked at first when it came to cost but compared the temple in Tucson RE is very affordable and our temple dues are not that bad given we are military and don't have to pay the building fund portion. For awhile every time I mentioned anything about temple he would automatically say "what's that going to cost? and start laughing"

This past year we have worked on just observing Judaism in our home, my husband is not Jewish he was raised with no religion so we had always done the holidays he wanted to as well (because he grew up with them he was attached to them). He brought up that it might be easier not to do the non-Jewish holidays because he could see the confusion it caused the boys observing things outside Judaism was just not working anymore.
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(I'm hesitant to discuss the article/time magazine cover because I don't want to break the UA however) I found the cover uncomfortable (very much so) however I think it was... designed to be controversial. The point of the actual article seemed more to me that israeli's were/are getting on with their lives and that many don't care hugely about peace anymore compared to other concerns (such as healthcare, education of their children, etc). The article itself didn't really bother me so much (Though I don't recall if I read it all or skimmed parts. I often just skim magazines)

That turkey sounds really yummy
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I used unfiltered Apple cider (not hard, but that would be an interesting twist on the recipe). The cider and turkey juices get reduced and become a fantastic gravy too.

As for the Time Article, I read the whole thing (not just the short online article that shows Israelis going about their daily lives, having fun, etc).

The gist of it was quite disturbing - that Israelis don't care about peace b/c they're having too much fun, when in actuality, they stopped focusing on peace because there's no partner on the other side, so they go on with their lives (and fun is part of that - so is building hospitals, universities, protecting civilians, etc). There is also an age-old antisemitic undertone that "Jews only care about making money" in the tone of the article.

Its disturbing that in countries like Iran, iraq, Afghanistan, etc, pictures like these are shown to depict that people live normal lives despite political turmoil, from a praiseworthy perspective, while here the same activities by israelis is criticized, that they're not focused enough on peace.
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hey ladies!
How are you?
I'm pretty good. I think. been working on/thinking about a bunch of personal issues, which is draining, but good I guess.
I had a great high holidays. I particularly enjoyed simchat torah (possibly my favorite holiday though it's hard to choose. shabbat is up there too.) I asked my rabbi if I could dance with the torah (conservative congregation, my dad's jewish, mom isn't, I haven't converted yet (hoping soon, I'm meeting with my rabbi tomarrow.)), and he said, sure, go put on a tallit. I loved wearing it, and decided not to take it over for the rest of services. The next day (shabbat), I was doing a davening lab during services, where we really slowed down and explored the service, and also are exploring tallit. And then I wore the tallit to the rest of services then. I didn't want to take it off. So I guess I'm a tallit wearing gal. I planned on waiting until my conversion, but I think that I'm going to wear it again next week. (no davening lab next week.) I'm also going to go buy the wool I saw at the fabric store to make my own tallit instead of borrowing it, since I got my check from a little extra work I did in the mail today.
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sorry to double post. I just wanted to share. I met with my rabbi today and we set a mikvah date!
I'm so excited.
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congrats, Caroline!
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how do i join this tribe?
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Welcome, Eleanor. I think you just joined.
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Count me in too ladies!

DD was just named a few weeks ago . . . . Sara Tikvah!

Happy to have found you all!
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