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Triangle playdate 8/25

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Since I won't be there next week I figured I'd start the thread for this week. A friend of mine (and fellow MDC mama) would love to get out and meet us with her new little guy. To make it easier, I offered that we could meet closer to her in N. Raleigh. So how about Blue Jay Point park?


According to the website there is a playground called "Tot Lot" for 2-5 year olds. Shall we meet there?

Also, she mentioned wanting to try a maya wrap. I'm not a wrapper, but I know we have some in our group (looking at you carhootel and ncbelle ), anyone have something she could try?
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We have family in town, so we probably won't make it. Have fun B&G! (And let me know if you need help getting ready. )
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Subbing to the thread for what I hope will be my first playdate as a resident! (I came to one back in May while I was on vacation here. Don't know if anyone remembers me.)

I used a wrap a lot when Rostik was tiny, but I lost it in a theater (ironically, watching a play about babywearing) and am still mourning for it. It was a water-wrap, so it was airy and had very little material (and therefore fit in my purse easily). I tried another wrap, the regular kind, but it was just so bulky to carry around.
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We'll be there! I think the weather is supposed to be TONS nicer this week, so we can let them run their little hearts out!

Sorry we'll miss you this week SJ, and we'll miss you next week B&G. Glad you're here, Lady L.

I'm no help with the wraps, except a Moby, which doesn't really count, LOL. I can bring a MT that's good for a young baby if she's at all interested in that.
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We will try to make it! I may be overlooking it but I don't see the address for the park? Can someone post it here? Thanks!
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I'm happy to bring a wrap to show off - but a Maya wrap is actually a ring sling I think Charlotte has one if she's coming.

Originally Posted by CadensMama View Post
We will try to make it! I may be overlooking it but I don't see the address for the park? Can someone post it here? Thanks!
Try this page: http://www.wakegov.com/parks/bluejay/default.htm

See y'all tomorrow!
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Ok, I actually have a Maya ringsling...didn't know it was called a Maya wrap!! See--clueless about wraps, except knowing a few colorways now that I'm looking to convert one! I'll try to remember to bring mine too then in case no one else has one.
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I had no idea!! That's funny. Well, maybe you could bring a wrap and convert her.

Ugh. I'm starting to freak out. But hey, I'm packed! I still have to gather the little stuff, like shampoo and all that, and my ipod, etc. But my clothes are all picked out, matched up, and packed.
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See you there
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Curly, Maya ring slings are different from Maya wraps.

Wow, that's a long way for me to drive. I only got licensed yesterday! I took my first solo drive to the supermarket today. I'm not sure I'm up to such a long drive so soon.

Re the weather, i saw a forecast of rain starting a few minutes ago and going all day tomorrow.
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[QUOTE=Lady Lilya;15769365]Curly, Maya ring slings are different from Maya wraps.

hmmm...ncbelle said they were ringslings, and when I got mine out, it says "Maya wrap" on it....I have it in the car. We can try it or not

We'll keep an eye on the weather....I'll be leaving about 8:45 so if we change plans later than that, someone text me!!
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I'm out for tomorrow. We are avoiding car naps early in the day that throw off his afternoon nap. He can stay awake for about 10 minutes tops in the car, so I'm trying to stay within a 10 minute drive of home just for a week or two until (hopefully) we get this figured out! Have fun though!

Oh, and B&G, I guess I won't see you again before your trip - have fun!!!

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April, I remember those days with the nap thing. It was tough for a while! I had to skip out early on a lot of playdates because I didn't want K to fall asleep on the ride home. It is much better now, he rarely even attempts to sleep in the car. When he looks like he is about to doze I just start pointing out trucks. I'll see you when I get back!

Everyone else, I guess we'll see what the morning brings in regards to the weather.
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And I've been know to either poke a kid or roll down their window to prevent them from sleeping....it depends on how long a drive I had left-if we were within 10 min of the house, there is no way I'm letting them have a 10 min nap-they can stay awake and then get a good one in. Now, if they fall asleep as soon as I start driving and it's a 45 min drive, then they get the nap, and maybe I'll either drive around a little, or sit in the car with them once we get home to let them get more sleep-they would only sleep 10-20 min once we stopped, as long as I didn't try to get them out. Transfers did not happen.

But once you get things ironed out a bit, it will get easier!! (not EASY, just easier!!)
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We'll be there! tots area sounds great to us - do you think that means he won't be able to escape??? here's hoping!

April, I hear you about car naps - they really suck. I just have to accept that Q will take one on our way back from playdate since it's a 30-45minute drive, it really stinks and I totally understand staying close to home. I have skipped playdate before just for that reason, I have also been known to stop halfway (at Southpoint) and make Q get out and play so he doesn't fall asleep

I'll bring a wrap and my maya wrap ring sling. It really is confusing that a ring sling brand is named 'maya wrap' and alternately a lot of wrapping (woven wraps) are referred to as slings (especially internationally).
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Thanks for being understanding, everyone. Last week we missed playgroup because he fell asleep on the way there. We came back home and he slept about another hour after we got home (I can take him out of the car seat and he'll stay asleep usually). So he got a long enough nap that he didn't take the normal after lunch nap, but it was too early to hold him for the day. So he fell asleep at 5 pm, and then woke up at 1 am and stayed up for 3 and a half hours before crashing again! Ugh! That's what I'm trying to avoid.

I just read Sleepless in America (thanks to a recommendation from SeekingJoy) and I'm really hoping some of the suggestions help. Fingers crossed!
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I really loved that book. But I can't say it changed our sleep issues. Just gave me a different perspective on it that made it easier to cope with. I wore myself out less with fighting nature.
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I, once again, will try to make it. We have an appt at 9 to look at our house to make sure the the items from the inspection report were fixed. We close Monday!

Today is Amina's first day of 2nd grade! she is sad she will miss play group. she wants to have a play date on the weekend. she likes to play with little kids.

sj have fun with your family!

April, long time no see. good luck with naps. Ali is so mess up. he naps at 3-5 and has been staying up until 11. on the flip side he sleeps until 9 am!

yay for Lady Lilya on your move down....I cant help but think of lady gaga when I see your name. I listen to here way too much. ra ra ohh la la....

BG if I miss you today, have a safe and fun trip! you are so lucky to get a vacation from the kiddos.

I have no wraps I sold mine a year ago.
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There's a big rain storm traveling from
Chapel Hill to Wake Forest. Cary seems to
Be escaping it. Should we do
Cary instead?
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I was just looking at that. I agree that it seems to be all North of 540. Raining here in Chapel Hill too. It does look like it may pass before playdate time though but I guess it would still be wet on the playground.

I'm up for anything really. I know we were headed north to meet B&G's friend and I hate to miss that opportunity
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