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Triangle playdate 8/25 - Page 2

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Still raining over here in North Durham - does look like it will pass by 10 for sure. I'm open either way....
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Alright unless b&g weighs in let's continue north
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Originally Posted by aminasmom View Post

Today is Amina's first day of 2nd grade! she is sad she will miss play group. she wants to have a play date on the weekend. she likes to play with little kids.
Bring her to my party on the 5th! You got the evite, right?
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I just tried calling her to see if it is raining there, but didn't get in touch.

Please feel free to move elsewhere! Seriously! If that happens I'll probably just head over to her house for a bit instead.
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The radar is only showing one little strip of rain over N Raleigh, and it's moving away, so I imagine it will be better by 10. though still wet on the ground- but that's true anywhere in the triangle this morning.
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I'm so sorry to last minute change plans, but it is raining there and she can't take the teeny tiny guy out in it. So. I'm going to her house for a bit.
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So where are folks meeting??
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Change of venue. Airport Observation Park. By park & ride 2 at RDU. Signs galore. Join us!

Tina (Doula-ing)
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Hopefully I can make it next week! Airport is too far of a drive for us at this time of the morning since nap time is around 11:30. If anyone wants to hang out this afternoon after nap time let me know, should be a nice day!!
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Sorry to see that playgroup feel apart this week. Hope at least a few of you got together to play. We can always do a take-two tomorrow afternoon if anyone is up for it.

April, I did want to make sure I popped in to tell you that mine still ask me (even this afternoon in the car) if it is ok if they fall asleep in the car, because like Curlyfry, I have rolled down the windows, blasted the radio, tickled them, sang obnoxiously, pulled over to wake them up, etc. For a long time (16-36 months?? or so with DS and 12-18 months with DD), I also refused to drive anywhere if it had the remote possibility of inducing a nap.
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There's a good chance we would be up for a take-2 tomorrow pm, as the day stretches long and unplanned ahead of me. Well, of course there are things I should do, but since it's not likely I'll get to many of them, I might as well not murder my children in the process, LOL.
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SO glad to know you all exist!

Hi everyone--

I'm Dawn. I live in Wake Forest with my husband and 7 year old son, Liam. We've just completed a cycle of IVF with positive results and will find out Wednesday if my crazy high hormone levels means twins! So I've fallen out of the AP loop since my kid started school (though most parents at his school follow the principles just as we do) and really, at the time, there wasn't much of a MDC presence in The Triangle that I knew of anyway.

But here you are! At some point in the near future when I'm further along in my pregnancy I'd like to meet all of you. I would LOVE thoughts on birthing options in the area. Liam was born at The Birth Center in CH which we'd do all over again but if we are pregnant with twins I don't think they are willing.

Anyway--I'm glad to see that there are other likeminded women in the area actively forming a community!

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Oh man! That's three spring '11 babies in the making! Lorelei is really looking forward to being the big kid!

(even if it does mean my DDC is gone now)
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