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High BP @ 34 weeks - wwyd?

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So I had my first prenatal today. My BP was 160/100. For real. Feel free to send up some prayers if you are the praying type.

I am very, very hopeful that this is a side effect of the cold meds I finally ended up taking b/c I've had a killer cold for the last week that just wasn't responding to my chicken soup/garlic lemonade regimen (sudafed is the only thing that works for me and it definitely raises your BP).

I've been UPing and monitoring my BP regularly and it has been even below my typical pg average of 130/80 - usually around 124/75 and even on Thursday-Saturday in the throws of taking meds it only got as high as 136/84. I'd say maybe my (or their) BP monitor is off, but when I got home from my appt today I took it twice and it was 152/98 and 148/92 so not much lower here at home.

I'm not swollen (feet look better than they have in days ironically) and no protein in my urine which is good (and why I think they let me go today) but obviously this is still not good. I'm not too worried b/c I really just have a gut feeling and this is such an anomalous day of readings that it's a side effect to the meds but I'd be crazy not to have some concern.

I guess the plan is come back on Wednesday morning and if it's not down, he wants to talk meds (Labetalol), weekly non-stress tests and induction 38-39 weeks. Right, because we wouldn't want to try natural remedies, diet and/or bed rest and see where we're at after a week. I mean good Lord. It's not like I'm 20 weeks here. We've only got 6 weeks left, and less than 3 until I'm officially "term."

IDK, I don't want to be induced, but I've done it before and I can handle induction. I don't want to go on bedrest, but I've done it before and I can handle bedrest. However, I'm majorly opposed to this idea of RX meds. Like major. But at the same time this guy is taking me on at 35 weeks, pretty much no questions asked.

I'm bewildered. And the stupidly lame thing is I'm so happy to be on the tail end of this cold from hell that this news isn't nearly as distressing to me as it would have been had I not just been completely sick as a dog for the last week. It appears God has a great sense of humor/irony if this isn't related to the cold meds and is indeed my BP going up 'on it's own' due to PIH.

So, after my long tirade, wwyd? Would you just take the RX? Would you question it? Would you suggest/offer an alternative? If so, what?

TIA for any feedback.
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I'd go in on Wednesday and see what it is and go from there. If it is the meds, hopefully it should be out of your system by then. Praying for good news on Wednesday!
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Sounds like it could just be an anomoly. Just a reading that was high. Keep checking at your normal intervals to make sure that it does indeed go down. I hope that it does go down. With no swelling and still feeling good is a good sign.
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call your local cpm and find out what her herb protocal is. (i'd give you my preceptor's, but can't remember where it is) i've seen it work w/ her clients.

that's where i'd start.
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being basically in your situation but knowing it's not an anomaly...
and having done strict, side-lying bedrest for 9 weeks my 1st pg and a week this pg (with a 2y/o running around who is home with me except a few hours a week)

I am on Labetalol.

I asked around about it a lot. I have no other option aside from being completely out of commission.

This allows me to be on modified bedrest, take care of my son (I still am hiring a sitter more than usual and laying down a lot more than usual), and it allows DH to mostly work his full workdays (he's had to occasionally come home or meet me at the hospital for various reasons).
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The following is certainly not the answer for all BP worries, but it should help.

Make sure you are taking enough magnesium. It is a relaxer in the body so it will help with BP. I recommend epsom salt baths, with two cups of epsom salts.
I like to take magnesium glycinate because it doesn't affect my bowels as much as other forms. Natural Calm is a nice go to magnesium.

Don't take magnesium oxide or take it with calcium. Neither one will offer the magnesium benefits very much.

Hopefully the high BP was just an anomoly.
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take a calcium/magnesium supplement. They make some specifically for blood pressure that have other herbs in them, they warn against some in pregnancy, but my mw said it was more of a first trimester concern, or a dosing thing. Call your mw. I have used it multiple times when stress or medication for asthma causes my BP to rise 140/90. It works.
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Here's an article from NIH about magnesium. It has a chart on the magnesium found in various foods as well as one on the bioavailability of magnesium in the different types of magnesium supplements.

Also a very interesting read.
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Thanks for posting that ILovePie. I linked it to my FB page.

I'm a big advocate of magnesium, and the article clearly outlines the ways it can be useful.
It was also an important reminder to me that magnesium could help regulate my blood sugar levels.
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Mammo2Sammo - In reading that article, I was really surprised that magnesium had never been mentioned to me by any doctors - I have chronic hypertension and a family history of early heart disease/heart attack. However, in looking over the chart of dietary sources of magnesium, I can see no possible way that I am not getting PLENTY! lol
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Also, keep in mind, are those numbers found in food determined with nutritionally depleted soils, greatly cared for organic soils, numbers from 60 years ago before the soils were so destroyed? That makes a big difference in the amount of magnesium.

Me too, there is no way I am eating enough magnesium when looking at the foods, even if the foods were from greatly cared for soils. There are some things wrong with my body that prevent me from absorbing all of the magnesium that I need. I have to work extra hard to make sure I get enough.

I have been shocked so many times when doctors don't mention magnesium as a cheap, natural solution. It might not be a total solution, but can go a great way - plus it can help you in so many other ways for your body.
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I think even if I am getting half of the amounts listed for those foods, I am getting enough. I eat a ridiculous amount of nuts/legumes/beans. Peanuts and almonds are one of my major go-to snack foods because of my low sodium diet (they're about the only thing besides dried fruit that I can buy a bag of, or keep in a container and just snack on...and not worry about spoilage!).

I have had magnesium recommended/prescribed for neurological purposes, though - once in college for migraines and then during labor for preeclampsia (magnesium sulfate).
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Magnesium (on it's own) is the one darn thing I don't seem to have any of in this house. I did eat as many mag-rich foods as I could in the last two days. I downed a couple cloves of raw garlic. I did a lemon juice/cream of tartar concoction. I ate cucumbers and bananas which are supposed to be helpful and I drank about 10 cups/day of my pg tea which has all sorts of good stuff in it for BP: hibiscus, dandelion, hawthorne - in addition to the nettles, RRL, alfalfa, etc.

But I also took a stupid tylenol before I looked up online that it can raise your BP.

Seriously. I'm so mad at myself. I really feel like I did this to myself w/all these OTC meds. I don't want to be stupid and not take the freaking RX b/c of my pride, but I also don't want to be stupid and just take the RX when I haven't really explored some other options (herbs, supplements, bed rest).

And I forgot to do my epsom salt soak. Of course since I'm up at 4:02am w/pg insomnia and have to get up at 5:40am for work anyway, maybe I should just do it now...)

Thank you all for your insight, good thoughts and prayers. I'll let you know how it goes...
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Okay, so appt went really well even though it's not necessarily great news. My BP is still up 140s/90s - however he was totally like "that's not med level" so I didn't even have to fight that fight. All my labs are great - absolutely NO indication that I'm in pre-e territory, just high BP. He wants me to keep an eye on it at home and at work and if it's "too high" at work he'll pull me off and onto bed rest but he'll only medicate/talk induction if I get and stay way up there again. He did make one shitty comment while discussing my labs b/c I'm low on rubella and I of course made it clear that I won't be getting vaxed tyvm. But other than that, the fact that my BP is still high and having to wait awhile (b/c he had a delivery and was off schedule this morning) everything went awesome. It really went so much better than I expected and I actually am feeling totally comfortable/confident in giving birth w/him. THANK YOU GOD!!
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Sounds good, mcimom! I'm glad to hear it
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