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How do you clean the garage floor?

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I just finished purging, cleaning, sorting and organizing the garage. AGAIN. I swear, there are disorganizational gnomes in there at night messing it up. I cannot believe how much I tossed. I think it took about 10 trips to take all the garbage out.

It is all pretty. I even got all the cobwebs and stuff out.

But the floor! UGH!

The thing to do would be to get the hose and a scrubby brush but, um, no. Plus I have stuff on the floor I don't want wet and I'm not moving everything out. No way.

How do you get it relatively clean in a reasonble manner?
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A degreaser, a push broom for scrubbing and a wet vac.

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We put those interlocking rubber squares over our entire garage floor (the mats are made from recycled tires) they look really good and any dust etc falls through to the floor so you dont track anything into your house. once a year you can lift them and shop vac clean
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Wow, sounds like you got a lot accomplished today!

I would probably give the garage a good sweeping or use a shop vac. Maybe you can scrub it another day when you have more energy. It also would depend on what type of dirty it was, greasy or just dusty.
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I would wait a day or two to rebuild energy and then clean it properly. What type of dirty is the floor? Sweeping is the fastest and easiest. If it is greasy, then there are ways to handle it but they will require more work....
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DH sweeps and vacuums our garage floor - it doesn't really get icky, maybe b/c it's painted? But it gets tons of sand/dust as we live on a dirt road.
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i would also do the degreaser with a broom, and then a shop vac.

i scrub our stairs to our house on a regular basis, and i use a broom and some soap and water.
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agree with others it depends on what is making it dirty. If its just basic dust/debris than you can powder cleaner that you basically shake and leave on for a while (its semi damp but dries quickly) thne you can sweep it up or us a shop vacc.

If its dirty as in grease/oil stains than I would consider spot treating it. Cheap cat litter works great for occassional garage spills (the clay kind not the big chunky rock kind)
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No oil or nasty stuff, just dusty/dirty. We used that stuff you sprinkle on at our old house. Maybe I'll try that.

And I didn't accomplish this all yesterday! I've been working on it for a week.
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