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Anyone else with a posterior baby?

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And are you doing anything about it yet?

I'm pretty sure baby has been posterior for a few days now. I can't find a bottom, and there are arms and legs all over the place. I know we still have time (almost 38 weeks), but I don't want to have another sunny-side up. It wasn't awful, and my second was sideways (facing left) and was fast, but my third was so amazingly easy and gentle...I'd like to repeat that.

So...anyone? Are you concerned?
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I dont know!

I know sometimes shes anterior but other times I swear i feel all sorts of body parts poking me all over and cannot find a bottom.

my back is killing me, but it does that even when shes pushing her butt out!
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Yes, after being nice and anterior for over a month baby moved posterior as of Thursday. Chiro confirmed today (39 weeks) he is still posterior even though I spent tons of time on hands and knees this weekend.

I don't have the energy to read about all the different things I should be doing to get him turned. I got kind of overwhelmed when I did google it and saw there are lots of recommendations and exercises and positions.

I have been pretty good about avoiding "bad" positions the entire second half of the pregnancy and seeing a chiro every week to make sure his position is good, so I'm pretty bummed he's moved. I haven't spent as much time on hands and knees as I probably should have, though. It is hard to find the time.

I was a posterior baby and it was not a fun labor for my mom so it is kind of a fear of mine. Luckily DD was not posterior. I'm hoping even if this one doesn't turn before labor it won't be too bad since he isn't a first baby and that he will turn in early labor.
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Mine changes positions a lot, depending on the day. Some days I feel a lot of arms and legs up in front, other days not. Often I do feel a butt, with leg movement off to the side.

Ds was like this, too, but when labor started I did a lot of walking...by the time active labor came along, he was in great position. I think babies need to move around quite a bit at this stage, if only to avoid a perma-impression of our hip bones on their head! I bet most babies will settle into good positions once labor arrives, though.
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my little girl is currently posterior.. she was flipping back and forth and i was feeling a butt with legs on top (very squished lungs!) lately all i can feel on the front is legs.. i have been seeing my chiropractor weekly for months now .. i went swimming the other day and have been sitting on the birth ball and trying not to lounge on the couch...

i am hoping she will turn and that my other two kids did this and i didn't know.. my DS was breech until 35 weeks and i was so relieved that he turned i never asked or checked to see if he was posterior.. he wasn't at birth at 41 weeks.. i do have an anterior placenta this time and i think i've read that can make baby more likely to be posterior? argh.. one more thing to worry about..
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He's been posterior for months. So was Emma. She came out sunny-side up. I think that babies just hate facing the right way in me.

I'm kind of bummed because my posterior labor/birth WAS pretty awful. Of course there was also the pitocin which likely had a lot to do with it. But the "someone is breaking my hips in half" feeling the whole time, not great. But I've known that he's posterior because I'm getting the exact same bumps and movement as with Em... the two huge knee lumps up high from sitting indian-style... all the gentle little hand movements down low in the middle in front of his mouth... etc. All that stuff that confused me last time when I was trying to figure out position, now I'm like "oh, Em used to do that... oh no."

I've been doing some hands and knees here and there, and I sit on the birth ball a lot, but I sat on the birth ball a lot with Em, too. I'm feeling kind of defeatist about it, and I need to not feel that way-- but like tribord said, I haven't even really looked into it because I'm just mentally exhausted at this point. I need to snap out of it and at least do something to get this baby to turn around.

I'm also thinking that his position is what's keeping me from labor. I'm dilating and effacing, I've had prodromal for weeks, but no real labor and he isn't engaged. He'll drop really really low, then drift back up. I think that he isn't engaging because of the wrong position (Em never "dropped" and engaged until my water broke), and without that head on my cervix, I'm not going into full-blown labor.

Man I'm feeling depressed this morning.
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Well, I think I got the baby to turn. I slept last night in one of the suggested positions, and it seems to have worked. Left side, left leg straight, pillow under right leg, right leg at 90 degree angle. Hmmm...I think.
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i recently went to a rebozo workshop led by the spinningbabies.com midwife. it couldn't hurt to try a few minutes of rebozo every night to jiggle the baby into a new position.

here's a link on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv5ZM...feature=search

also, remind your partner to do more of a front to back "train" movement rather than an up and down "milking" movement when he sifts you with the rebozo.

even if it doesn't work, it, at the very least, is relaxing in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post
Well, I think I got the baby to turn. I slept last night in one of the suggested positions, and it seems to have worked. Left side, left leg straight, pillow under right leg, right leg at 90 degree angle. Hmmm...I think.
I always sleep like that anyway. It's comfy, haha.
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I have been diligently sleeping on my left side, pillow between legs and behind my back, the entire pregnancy in order to avoid the posterior position (had that at first birth, and it was awful). No lounging on the couch, belly button always facing down or out, never up, and thankfully, this little guy is almost always with his back along my left side, his feet kicking high on the right side, and lots of movements (headbutts, etc.) around the cervix/rectum. A couple of nights, I tried my right side for sleeping, and he moved out of position. So, now I am ONLY sleeping on my left side. And, I have an anterior placenta, so it's still possible!

They do say that some people's pelvis/bodies are just shaped so that posterior is more comfortable for baby. Sounds like Kelly might be like that! Bummer! But, if nothing else, it's worth trying that sleeping position for those who don't usually sleep that way...

I remember those two little bumps on the top during the first pregnancy, and wondering what they were! Now it seems so obvious (and it was as soon as I saw his knees when he came out)!
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This baby (#4) is anterior, but my 3 previous babies were all posterior.
And I have to say they were much easier to carry.
All three were born posterior (well they turned their heads to the side as babies do) so yeah - the labor was about 95% back and hip pain. No tummy tightening to mention.

I never did any spinning babies or movements to adjust position after my 1st DD. I tried all that with her and it didn't help, so I never bothered the other 2 times.
It may be because I have a long torso and a short (up high) ribcage, that I am prone to carry posterior. but really I have no idea.
My labors are relatively short (6-7hrs), and I've never torn or needed adn episiotomy - but my babies are also small (all within the 6lb mark) so maybe that factors in as well.

this 4th baby is anterior, adn man this has been the hardest kid to carry! even with the sciatica being a constant theme thru-out all of my pregnancies - this one stands out. I am in constant crotch/low back/hip/thigh pain. I feel like i spend most days riding a thin skinny horse bareback.

All in all I'm kinda afraid of this upcoming labor because the baby is NOT posterior! what if I have alot of contraction pain in my tummy? what does that feel like? will it totally suck? what if the labor is too fast? too long? etc etc.
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This baby is posterior too. I try to spend some time everyday on my hands and knees - while I'm watching tv in the evening I get on my knees and lean my upper body over the ottoman or birth ball. I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees yesterday. If I'm lying down it's on one side or the other. I've intended to try to do some lunges too, but I forget to. Last baby was posterior and it was my longest and hardest birth. I really hope she'll turn before labor, but I just have a feeling that it won't happen.
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ME! I'll be 38 weeks on Thursday and my baby has been persistently posterior. I'm trying not to recline at all and I have my chiropractor working on the issue for me (they do something similar for posterior as they do for breech). Fingers crossed! I have had 2 back labors, so I'm a bit worried.
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Mine is posterior a lot and today, but she spins so much I'm not worried yet or doing anything special to spin her around. Actually, just scrubbing the floor or picking up blocks and she spins so I guess thats why I'm not worried. And I'm only 35 weeks today.
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