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*Nurse-In* Socal mama was kicked out for nursing

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Here is a link to the event page. There is a Nurse in scheduled for this Saturday August 28th in Orange, California. If you are local please come show support for children's right to eat anywhere anytime. And help raise awareness about the discrimination nursing mothers are facing!
Spread the word and show support!

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Can you provide a non-facebook link. I don't have a facebook account and I don't want one.
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Has the mama heard anything back from the main office of the store?
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Sorry, I was not able to get on the computer until now. I am actually the mama. The Company has been very apologetic and is supporting the Nurse-In happening this Saturday August 28th in Orange County California.

Here's the link to the article on MSNBC

We are looking to raise awareness. Especially after reading all the nasty things people have to say about NIP.

I have never done anything like this, and would appreciate any pointers or links to info that I can hand out. I would like to educate the general public about the normalcy and important benefits nursing offers.

Has anyone had experience with Nurse-Ins?
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Sat Aug 28th 10-1

Cost Plus World Market
1500 East Village Way, Orange, CA 92865

I don't think you have to have a FB account to see the info on the page. I was never really into FB, but this has shown me the power of social networking....This could have easily gone un-talked about.
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Thanks for the information. No facebook wouldn't let me view the page without registering.

What store is in the background of that picture? Cute dipes...
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That's my store...in Anaheim CA off the 5, Rosie Posie Baby. Can you make it to the nurse in on Saturday?
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I am brand new here and just found this forum because I googled the incident at Cost Plus. I have a 7 month old and my DH is very supportive of breastfeeding and came home from work yesterday talking about this but couldn't remember where he'd read about it so I had to search. I wish I lived closer because I would absolutely join you for the nurse-in. I hope the employee who kicked you out will be working on Saturday when there are several nursing mothers there. I think it's wonderful that you stood up for our rights!!
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I want to say - that was a great article from MSNBC! None of the "it might be technically legal, put women should at least cover up" vibe that I get from so many other stories about these incidents. I'm glad the company is being so supportive of the situation and that you received an apology. I hope they educate their employees. I wonder if the woman who asked you to stop will be working that day. . .
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